[This is one of the very few White women I would openly insult. Some people have referred to her as a "horse face". She's a bag of anti-White crap. She is actually a communist. These types of leaders need some SERIOUS PUNISHMENT from the White masses. Jan]

Here’s the video:

This is absolutely profound!

The NZ Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, (following meetings with King Charles and UK Government Intelligence Agency officials), announced this about an hour ago in New York alongside French President Emanuel Macron.

You can listen to Ardern and Macron’s shocking announcements on the link. What they are doing is, (following the military massacre operation at Christchurch and subsequent banning of the Livestream video of Brenton Tarrant killing all those people at the Al Noor Mosque under the supervision of his Military handlers, designed to close down global free speech on the Internet – hence Ardern’s original ‘Christchurch Call’) – is extending this to complete surveillance and monitoring of the Internet.

This I might add is a follow on of the high level clandestine FIVE EYES INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES SUMMIT held at Millbrook Resort, near Queenstown, New Zealand, in the days around 14 September 2022 just a week ago – they are now setting up a GLOBAL ALGORITHM PARTNERSHIP called ‘OPEN MIND’ to censor all free-speech globally, monitor and track everyone in their New World Order fascist dictatorship.

Remember, the UK controls the United States NSA (through the UK/USA Agreement), the CIA (the CIA’s logo is the Star of Lucifer taken from the ceiling of the Masonic Great Hall in London) and other agencies like the FBI. The average person has no appreciation exactly how huge and powerful these agencies are. Hitler only dreamed of intelligence gathering facilities like these!

Here is but one of many reports here in NZ of the secret meeting:

If you listen carefully to both Ardern and Macron, they are planning to add this to the Echelon Five Eyes Network to GLOBALLY monitor, track and censor EVERY WORD that is spoken or published in all communications – worldwide – and if any one of those words is contrary to their edicts or opinions, you will be arrested or have your online communications or bank account closed . THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF ALL FREE SPEECH. And exactly who is at the head of this rapidly developing global fascist police state? HRH King Charles III. I gather everyone’s heard of HRH’s GCSHQ!

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