Video: Alison, Alex & Jan: The Strange Schaefer Trial & the Jewish punishments for Alison

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We had a mammoth session discussing many, many things including the death of the great revisionist Prof Robert Faurisson. We discussed the strange Schaefer trial which is downright weird. There is too little reporting on this most important trial. There was definite intimidation which was intended to keep German and foreign sympathisers out of court. People had to show their passports to enter the court.

This interview was done on 25th October 2018, the day before the final sentence of the Schaefer Trial was passed.

NB: Alex also says that White men have FAILED White women.

We discussed many things including Alison’s punishments and her appeals. Alison’s own trial was dragged out over 18 months.

I discuss the weird information scandal in Apartheid South Africa from the 1970s when the Boers tried to buy the Washington Post. However, there is no outcry when the Jew billionaire, Bezos, of Amazon seizes this same newspaper and uses it as his Jewish mouthpiece.

We discuss the British guy Simon Shepherd who is in jail.

Alison talks about how the Jew Sir Philip Green conned his own workers out of their pensions. She says that the French have a saying: “Not all Jews are crooks, but the biggest crooks are Jews.” Green was knighted and he is also a sex pest, which is normal for the Jews.

Alison says that among the French, “Holocaust denial” has shot up from 2% to 26%. So 1/4 of all French no longer believe in the holocaust.

Alex discusses Professor Arthur Butz’s ground-breaking book “The Hoax of the 20th century published in 1976”

Alison mentions that Amazon took down 255 technical books including Germar Rudolph’s books, explaining that the holocaust was not possible.

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