Video: Alex Jones asshole admits to lying about Sandy Hook – Hit with $45 million+$4 million over Sandy Hook

[I've never been a fan of Alex Jones. From the beginning, in about 2012, when I first heard him, I did not think he was genuine. To me it was as if he'd say anything for money. He got clobbered in Texas, but they say in Texas the amount he was awarded will be brought down. And his company is worth, perhaps as much as $270 million. I don't regard Jones as a real Right Winger. Furthermore, Jones is working with Jews. Heck, he was even married to a Jewish hag. I'm glad to hear that he's got a lot more court cases coming over lies he told. That's good. It's very bad for someone like him to go over the top, because it makes the White Right look bad. And I've never even regarded Jones as being White Right. He might even have known all along that Sandy Hook was real. What an asshole he is. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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