Video: A Revolutionary idea from 2 White Ladies: Solving White Homelessness & old age care


[A lady I have known for long was telling me about this idea she and another lady had. Here is an exchange between these ladies. Watch the video. I think that we are naturally, without realising it, returning to socialism and feudalism. Jan]

Yes and here is a revolutionary article. A few years ago I met a young woman from Austin, Texas. We met at the Toronto airport on our way to Dublin. We both had this idea but we did not have the money to do this and we were so far apart. She went to Puerto Rico now and I am here in the frozen north.

We need church communities to do this as they have lots of people who can start something like this. Here is a copy of a letter I wrote to my MP.

February 26.2021

Dear xxx

RE: Survey

This is a very difficult concern.

More support for and partnership with not for profit organizations working in long term care.

When it comes to caring for seniors it should not be for a profit basis in order to focus more on needs rather than on someone making a profit. If it is done for profit, then corners are cut such as less staff, longer hours for those who are working; less supplies and so on.

Which government level should contribute. Perhaps support should come from the Provincial level because it is easier to manage situations on a local level.

There also needs to be an oversight committee to make sure that funding is properly managed so as to prevent corruption. Oversight committee members should come from a broad spectrum of the population and should be voted in and not appointed by any political party. Oversight committee members on a Board managing the funding could be volunteers who are doing this for the benefit of the seniors and the community.

Seniors should be kept in their own homes unless it is totally impossible for them to stay at home. Traditional long term care homes should be available because it is a given that some people will need this option.

I spent 11 days in a care facility at one time. I was well looked after however getting outside was very difficult. There was no one available to take patients outside. Did you ever try to roll a wheelchair down a hallway which seems like a quarter mile long? It is not easy. People in these facilities often do not get fresh air and sunshine which is needed to maintain good health.

In general, I think we should take a more local community based approach to this issue rather than big government.

I am including a link to a video which shows how five men in the city of Austin, Texas set up a community for the homeless. Most of these homeless people were around 60 years old. They had certain responsibilities within the community, kept busy working within the community which gave them a purpose. I think if we developed such communities we could do more for health in general than forever looking for government handouts to try to keep sick old people alive. This is the responsibility of communities and churches but we need to discuss and encourage this type of thinking.

Instead of the governments shutting down the churches, it would be more beneficial to keep the churches open and at least encourage those who build such communities. We need to be more proactive in setting up small communities like the one in Austin, Texas, which can do a lot more to look after the people in general, including when they are older.

Instead of treating people with medications and vaccinations in facilities where seniors are isolated and lonely, we should look at the more sensible options of keeping them functional when they are younger by promoting good life long health habits so they are healthier when they are older. This would in the long term reduce the need for so many care facilities and medication of people in the facilities. We need to give people purpose in life and not shut life down and isolate our older people from life.


Thank you for the opportunity to address this issue.

Best wishes for your success in solving these problems.

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