VERY URGENT: HistoryReviewed about to be MOVED…

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Just a note, as part of my catching up after my chaos with losing my internet, etc … along with my own PC problems at this end. i’ve been focusing, inbetween putting out content, on ensuring I start pushing forward with the many technical changes, improvements, including improvements to security, bug fixes and new features that I want on my sites by the end of this year.

At the top of my list is a piece of software on HistoryReviewed that is not working as a result of an automatic upgrade that took place about 8 weeks ago that I had no control over. It has massively impacted me on something that is critical for the functioning of the site.

I am therefore going to attempt to move all of HistoryReviewed to a totally new location with immediate effect. I will post an update when the process is in progress, because there is normally a maximum of 24 hours for the Internet to update to the new location. Most of the time it is faster.

There will be a post that will indicate to you when you are at the new location.

It won’t affect you. You just keep coming to HistoryReviewed as per normal.

You won’t see anything different. But there is a very crucial feature that’s not working.

I will be monitoring HistoryReviewed’s health once the move has taken place.

Then after that I need to make a quick, small fix to AfricanCrisis the next day.

For the record, HistoryReviewed was taking strain early in 2019 on its current server, but I managed to set up a process to get it back online quickly, on the times when it went down. I am amazed at how well that little hack of mine worked.

My goal is to ensure that on a weekly basis, that I tackle either bugs or some new features that I need.

I will also begin a process of hardening the sites and making things more secure.

For the most part you won’t notice anything.

So my plan as it stands now are 3 critical things that I want to hit this week:-

1. Move HistoryReviewed to a new server.
2. Make minor security fixes on HistoryReviewed and AfricanCrisis tomorrow.
3. Look at urgently fixing the comments. I have really been enjoying comments on Bitchute, and its very long overdue that I have proper comments features that flow along on my sites. People have been very frustrated over the years.

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