VERY IMPORTANT: Ukraine War: Who blew up the massive Kakhovka Dam? – HUGE DISASTER

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I’ve been following the Ukraine war with varying levels of intensity throughout that time. In recent months I have been following it daily and intensively. I have listened to news from both sides, and there are PROVABLE LIES that are mixed in with the truth from the Russian side.

I don’t take Colonel Douglas MacGregor or Scott Ritter seriously anymore as I regard them as PAID – I repeat PAID shills for the Russians.

The blowing up of the Kakhova Dam is an enormous disaster, but rest assured it was done for a military purpose.

When the Russians invaded Ukraine in 2022, and they were near Kyiv, The Ukrainians blew up bridges and also one dam, in order to stop the Russian advance. So yes, the Ukrainians have blown up their own dam and have admitted it, and it was clear that it was done as a desperate military move in their self defense.

The Kakhovka Dam is huge and the destruction of this dam will result in many people dying. Many have already died in the last 24 hours. 13 Ukrainian settlements have been wiped out and in total 40 will be wiped out. So LOTS of Ukrainian civilians will die and will lose everything.

There is no question that the dam was blown for military purposes. The question is who blew it?

The Russians claim that the Ukrainians blew it because the Russians were going to break through to capture Kherson City. This is a total bunch of rubbish. During the entire Russian OFFENSIVE, which focused all its energy on Bakhmut and the north east, there was NEVER any sign that the Russians were making any moves in the direction of Kherson. In fact, the Russians declared Kherson to be a part of Russia months ago and the Russians went on to LOSE KHERSON to the Ukrainians very shortly after declaring it to be Russian territory! The Russians literally fled from Kherson and then went on to build their own defensive lines – lots of them on the other side of the river.

The Russians spent all their time building defences, trenches and bunkers and were on the defensive all the time.

There never was any proof or evidence that the Russian army was in any way capable or even trying to retake Kherson.

So the story line from the Russian Army that the Ukrainians blew this dam in order to prevent a sudden Russian victory in Kherson is TOTAL GARBAGE.

While closely following the military activity, I have done the video about the Ukrainian counter offensive. I made that video a month ago and you can watch it. In that video I discussed Kherson and I explained the critical role of Kherson in a Ukrainian counter offensive.

I discussed the bridges and the issues regarding how the Ukrainian counter offensive would go over that river. Watch the video. You will see how CRITICAL Kherson is to the Ukrainian counter offensive and its MAIN EFFORT.

I was following for weeks all the Ukrainian efforts to cross that river. The Ukrainians captured 20 Km on the Russian side of the river. The Ukrainians were operating troops on boats on that river and were killing the Russians on the river. The Ukrainians were also driving Russian troops out of the many islands on the river. They defeated the Russians and controlled most of the islands on the river. The Ukrainians were also engaging in LOTS of special forces activities deep behind Russian lines and ALL of these things came from crossing the Dnipro river.

It is the Ukrainians who were successfully pushing the Russians back and working deeper and deeper inside Russian territory.

The Russians had also damaged the Kakhovka Dam wall in such a way that the Ukrainians could not reach the middle of the dam wall. Only the Russians had access to the middle of the dam wall. The dam wall is enormous and to destroy it requires TONS of explosives.

It appears that the Russians blew a hole in the wall with the goal of unleashing a flood, but that as the water poured through things got out of control and the wall began falling apart on a bigger scale than was intended.

It appears as if the Russians may originally have wanted to FLOOD all those islands in the river where the Ukrainian army was. That flood would have killed the Ukrainian army and totally messed up all Ukrainian military operations. But the dam wall began breaking apart completely and the flood went totally out of control.

The flood is so massive that it is even reaching lines of defense of the Russians. So not only have the Ukrainian military also died, but some Russians have died too.

The flood is expected to get worse but it will subside in 2 weeks time. The ground will be very wet for quite a long time before it dries out.

It is possible that when this is over that the destruction of this dam will actually open a 250 Km battlefront along the river and that not only have Ukrainians had a setback, but there are first line defenses of the Russians that have been damaged or destroyed.

Despite the Russians also suffering damage, this will, in reality, set back the main Ukrainian counter offensive by at least a month I would guess. I think the damage as well as the wet soil will hold back tanks and armour. I’m not sure how fast the ground can recover and become hard again after having been water logged on such a scale. I’m not sure if it will take a month or even longer.

To me the main beneficiaries of this blown dam are the Russians. If you watch my video on the Ukrainian counter offensive and the direction of the main blow you’ll see that this blown dam benefits the Russians all the way.

This is going to be a very dirty war, and I expect that any ground that the Russians lose will result in them blowing up EVERYTHING as they retreat. Scorched Earth strategy is a very old Russian game. The Russians have been doing it since long before Napoleon invaded Russia.

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