VERY IMPORTANT: Blast from the Past: Year 2000: Mugabe smashes Whites: Mugabe Orders weapons from Russia and China – My Comments

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[I've been trying for quite some time to see if I can find my oldest articles that I ever posted when Mugabe went after the White farmers in 2000. Finally, to my amazement, I actually found ALL the articles from a little website that Conrad Classen and I set up. Conrad created the website and I did most of the writing, but I see that in total there were 4 of us posting. I did the vast majority of the writing. I see that we started to get the website up and running in May 2000. This is an article that I wrote where Mugabe had placed yet another order for weapons, this time from China. This is the first time in 20 years that I've republished this. I will find more stuff. Maybe next year I'll get a chance to sort out these really old articles. This is part of history that has been forgotten. Jan]

Mugabe’s Weapons Order

It was reported in The Citizen newspaper on 3rd June that even though Mugabe was stricken by a massive political and economic crisis he had placed an order for US$ 72 million (R502 million) worth of arms from China. The Zimbabwean Independant newspaper said that a down-payment of US$6 million had already been made.

Mugabe is purchasing anti-personnel shells, handgrenades, rifle grenades and tank ammunition. It is said that tanks are also on order. The Military spokesman Colonel Chancellor Diye denied the purchase (of course!). According to the Zimbabwe Independant, the central bank is making this purchase from China North Industries
corporation. The purchase was confirmed by Mugabe’s cabinet in March.

It is reported that the government is struggling to meet its bills for fuel imports and the country is suffering from severe fuel shortages. The infrastructure is said to be collapsing rapidly with hospitals hardly being able to operate. There are some who say the army is too big because the war in the Congo has subsided considerably.

Several weeks ago I received a report which stated that Mugabe is going to be pulling back his entire army from the Congo. It was recently announced that South Africa will be sending a battalion of peace-keeping troops to the Congo.

I watch all these developments with the utmost sadness. Mugabe is going to come out of this as the winner. He’s pulling his army back and arming them to the teeth. Some time ago I reported that the Russians had flown in 21,000 AK47 rifles for the Zimbabwean Army and that Mugabe was going to start arming the "veterans". Now Mugabe is buying heavy military equipment to bolster his army.

Where is England and the west? I had read that the British had troops in Botswana. Later checking with a contact in Botswana confirmed that there were no British troops there. Mugabe rules supreme. Who will oppose him now? The chance of a mass uprising now seems really remote.

The Russians and Chinese and Mugabe now reign supreme again over Zimbabwe. Where is the USA and England? Do they give a damn? The only country with some guts has been Germany. The Germans are the only people who stood up and called Mugabe a racist to his face and who told the truth as it is. They then initiated an arms embargo against him.

The whole situation in Zimbabwe disgusts me. The communists have managed to cleverly stop the fighting in the Congo – for now, while Mugabe puts his house back in order. Well folks, when all is well again, and Mugabe and the Angolans and Kabila are strong again, they’ll be back at it in the Congo. In the end these people will not only keep Zimbabwe under a communist dictatorship but they will put the Congo under one as well.

Where the hell is the Western world? Or is the Western world fat, bloated and weak from wealth and has it lost all its moral courage? Sadly, I think so….

Article by:
J. Lamprecht.
(c) 2000-06-03

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