Our Black Jewish President’s new law is very very nasty.

I got my first legal advice today from someone who is perfectly placed and excellent at this stuff. He told me he had read the draft legislation and he had been involved in other cases of hate speech.

He said that whoever wrote this legislation was NOT BLACK. He said “Soros” people (Jews) must have done this. He said it is so DRACONIAN that any white person who says 2 words will be in a situation where they can be taken to court and even thrown in jail.

He said he was going to study the detail of the legislation before saying more. But he said it is horrific. For all intents and purposes this bill signed by our black Jewish President Ramaphosa, has, in a single stroke DESTROYED ALL FREE SPEECH IN SOUTH AFRICA FOR WHITES. THERE’S NOTHING LEFT.

I will await more news from him while doing a bit more digging and thinking, but its extremely bad. In a nutshell, I WOULD HAVE TO SHUT DOWN MY WEBSITES or, stop recording with my voice and only type and then hide my identity. It basically can TOTALLY THREATEN what I am doing on my websites.

I would be unable to function in South Africa without ending up in jail on short notice.

The Jews slipped this one in… and the black Jewish President signed it last week and now we have the most hideous legislation that’s existed since the Bolshevik Revolution.

The Hate Speech laws are so devious that it will destroy whites. Whites will hardly be able to speak on the social media or even on their phones. Even if I were to remove an “offending article”, as long as a black or the Govt has a screen shot of that article … I can end up in jail.

Its very nasty stuff. It basically means that I would have to shut down my websites immediately or I need to look at other alternatives.

Where your website is hosted does NOT make any difference. My websites are all hosted in the USA anyway, and that’s how its been for over 15 years. But the law of the land applies to them.

We’ve heard of this coming for years, but now this scumbag president has signed it and now we’re in a very bad space.

Furthermore, SA Law works on Precedent. And the previous hate speech stuff like the K word was “badly handled” (or set up) … and that has laid down a terrible precedent.



6 thoughts on “VERY BAD NEWS: Legal advice: ZERO FREE SPEECH FOR WHITES IN SA LEFT – GONE! – The Black Jew President

  • 9th October 2019 at 3:04 pm

    This is all to get the blacks to cause a scene. Connect the dots, take your guns, take away your speech. If you are being hunted, hacked, murdered and cry for help from the international community they can say you are inciting violence, spreading hate.

    This is to kill the white man! It is not coincidence that it has come in on the even of the 25th year, the exact year as outlined in the ANC manifesto for their 25 year plan for the whites in South Africa. Ramaphosa said he was going to boil the whites alive slowly, bit by bit.

    Where is De Klerk? Nothing mentioned by the liberals who wanted freedom of speech.

    No, this is truly the end, this is all put in place for the coming revolution they are planning to unleash in this country on the whites. Jan, I think you underestimated their capabilities, they are more than likely going to wipe out 75%+ of our population

    This comes in just on the even of Ramaphosas 25 year plan for the whites.

    They are now going to hunt us down like animals in this country. A great massacre will take place. We know who is behind them.

    • 9th October 2019 at 5:27 pm

      “They are now going to hunt us down like animals in this country. A great massacre will take place. We know who is behind them.”

      Yes John. It looks like Jews are preparing to do to whites in SA what they did to whites in Russia (about 60 million murdered) and then Ukraine (close to 10 million murdered). Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s description (Two Hundred Years Together, 2002) of Jewish psychopaths should be heeded: “Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse.”

      • 10th October 2019 at 9:01 am

        shining light, are you in South Africa, as well? I am blown away to read this stuff tonight, hard to keep up with so much lately, here in my own country, USA, so much distraction garbage news, constant 3 ring circus, DRIVEL, and then having to hear about SERIOUSLY HORRIFIC STUFF like this, no mention ever in our Jew-stream media CRAP NEWS. Treason is surrounding all of us, everywhere, I am so angry it’s hard to see straight.
        Your comment really hit me, as it was not even 6 years ago when I first learned of true details of “Russian Revolution”, disgusting, and I am half Ukrainian and don’t know that I will ever get over having learned of Ukrainian peasants and 3 different forced famines and I imagine many executions, as well. I started reading “200 Years Together” over the summer and only made it into the first several chapters and it depressed me and I moved onto other reading from Douglas Reed, “Controversy of Zion”, which didn’t depress me to the point “200 Years” did. Very telling, indeed, that no English translation was released in the states.
        I didn’t realize Soros had his filthy hands in South African affairs, as well, but this is no shock to learn of.
        If it happens in South Africa, we know it can happen in other “white” nations, well, ‘formerly’ white nations, as all of them are getting darker by the hour anymore.
        I really want to stay on top of what is happening in SA and extremely concerned and worried. I wish I knew more but honestly I probably know more than the average American as to what has happened and is happening in SA – they really like to blackout all SA info with us, no pun intended.

    • 10th October 2019 at 8:47 am

      John, are you South African and living in South Africa? I was horrified to read Jan’s article here and then to read your comment directly afterwards has my head spinning. In the last couple years since I subscribed to Jan’s website I’ve tried to stay on top of the big matters going on in South Africa. I don’t remember who tipped me off to Jan’s website but I know somebody did back in spring of 2017 or there about and I was really in for a shock as I became familiar with the past and present of South Africa because living in the USA Americans hear NOTHING about South Africa. Prior to Trump’s infamous August of 2018 Tweet about South African farmers, I think the last time we heard anything was Mandela dying in December of 2013.
      I know the USA is lock stock and barrel Jew owned and operated but I hadn’t realized it was the same in SA, but the last several years have been one huge revisionist history true explosion for me and dots are still connecting.
      It is incredibly disturbing to read your comment and it gave me goosebumps and got my adrenaline pumping because of how you worded this. When you say “just on the even of Ramaphosas 25 year plan for the whites”, does that mean it is the 25th year anniversary from when this plan was drawn up by him? I guess this plan was written by a Jew, meaning a Jew besides Ramaphosa – I am not even sure how long he has been a Jew though I’ve read Jan’s articles where he spoke about his very strong suspicions and mentioned a Jew told him of someone high level having converted to Judaism but wouldn’t name names but Jan made the connection quite easily.
      What exactly is this new legislation? Is that the right thing to call it, legislation? It sounds like it is not official yet?
      I think of all of these filthy third world animals coming into Europe and America and then I think of the people of South Africa in danger who desperately need asylum in a place with other whites where they would be safer – is it true some went to Russia? I don’t know how I will know of anything going on now without Jan – I follow a man on Bitchute who is from SA and will have to see what he has to say as I haven’t viewed him since subscribing.
      I am praying for South Africa and you and Jan’s safety.
      Very upsetting and enraging, these Jews are going all out full throttle.

  • 9th October 2019 at 2:08 pm

    “Only type and then hide my identity.” Jan I’m not a lawyer but I wonder if it would be safe for you to even do that, as you might be arrested on suspicion of breaking the law, without proof.

    “Other alternatives”. Surely there’s only one viable option: after obtaining the necessary legal advice, seek political asylum in America a.s.a.p. and continue your invaluable work. Concerning your mention of the Bolshevik Revolution, I see you as one of the Jews / blacks’ first targets if you don’t move.

    • 10th October 2019 at 9:09 am

      I wondered the same thing about “only type and hide my identity” – which is far from ideal in the first place especially in the capacity of Jan’s work – he is so dedicated and puts everything he has into it – I don’t know him personally but after a couple of years following him, this is quite plain to see, he is a hardcore full time/overtime activist in the truest sense. I fear you are spot-on in seeing Jan as a prime candidate in their cross hairs.
      Quite surreal to consider these things. Where is God?


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