USA: When brave young Eric Hunt did jail time for “attacking” the Jewish lying piece of shit: Elie Wiesel

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[Young Eric Hunt actually did jail time for going after the serial liar Elie Wiesel. This happened to him BEFORE he did his fantastic videos exposing the Jewish holocaust hoax. This was a determined, brave young white guy. Now he’s a blubbering fool saying: “The holocaust is real, its real”. This is pure bullshit and no person who ever knew Eric believes one word of his “new convictions”. He did his first really awesome video about the Jewish holocaust hoax in 2011. I saw it in 2013 and it showed me what lying swines Jews are.

But Eric was really brave and the Jewish filth managed to get him into jail.

Now for the record, they say he “attacked” Elie Wiesel, who is a serial liar and has worked for decades to stir up hatred against Germans. One thing that Eric Hunt did tell me by email over and over was that he did NOT attack this filthy lying piece of Jewish shit. He said that he hardly laid a hand on him. But everyone will tell you he attacked Wiesel. If you read this article carefully you’ll see that it pretty much says the same thing. There’s no actual instance of an “attack”. Its not as if he beat Elie Wiesel or did anything that would be considered assault.

Then later the Jews lie, as they always do, and say that Elie Wiesel was a peaceful man, blah blah blah and assorted bullshit. Elie Wiesel is a filthy lying Jewish scoundrel who spent his entire life inventing lie after lie demonising the Germans as a nation. He’s a lying scoundrel whose life-long goal it was to stir up nothing but HATRED against the Germans.

I take my hat off to young Eric Hunt. He had lots of guts. There is a bit of Dylann Roof in him I think. I feel sorry for these young white guys who believe in something and they give their EVERYTHING for it and they go the extra mile where no adult would go.

Eric Hunt may still be alive, but the Jewish garbage have no doubt destroyed his soul and turned him into yet another zombie. But I will NEVER forget the good work that he’s done for us. He did really excellent work. Jan]

Jury convicts man in attack on Elie Wiesel

san francisco Defendant guilty of a felony hate crime, two misdemeanors

 Published 4:00 am, Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A San Francisco jury found a troubled New Jersey man guilty of a felony hate crime charge of false imprisonment on Monday while clearing him of five other felonies stemming from a bizarre encounter in which he pulled Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel out of a hotel elevator last year.

Eric Hunt, 24, had been charged with six felonies related to the Feb. 1, 2007, incident at the Argent Hotel that prosecutors had said was a hate-based attempt to persuade the peace activist to renounce the Holocaust.

The Nobel laureate testified during the trial about how Hunt rode up an elevator with him and yanked him out on the sixth floor, insisting that he had to interview him. Once outside the elevator, Wiesel said, he called for help and Hunt froze before eventually walking off.

 One juror said outside court that the six counts amounted to “piling on.” The panel found Hunt guilty of what appeared to be misdemeanor false imprisonment but was increased to a felony by virtue of a hate crime enhancement.

The jury found Hunt guilty of two other felony offenses, but the counts were cut to misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor elder abuse after the jury rejected hate crime enhancements for them.

Hunt shook and appeared to be moved to tears as the jury cleared him of the most serious felony allegation, attempted kidnapping.

The false imprisonment felony count carries a maximum three-year sentence. Because Hunt has been in custody for 18 months, accumulating good-conduct credits, he will probably be freed after sentencing next month, his attorney, John Runfola, said.

The case featured emotional testimony by the Nobel laureate about an encounter that left him fearful as he called out for help in the hallway of the hotel, but no one came.

The foreman of the jury, who refused to give his name, said after the verdict that there was simply not enough evidence to show that Hunt – a man who an expert said was delusional at the time – was trying to kidnap Wiesel.

“We don’t believe he was trying to kidnap him – it was a few seconds, his intention was to interview him. While not being polite – we know he did not have pure thoughts – it did not prove he intended to kidnap Dr. Wiesel.”

Runfola had argued that his client was a “lost soul,” not a racist or a Holocaust denier.

He said Hunt was in a delusional state caused by bipolar disorder when he followed Wiesel across the country, an expedition financed by a $10,000 inheritance from his grandmother.

After the verdict, Runfola expressed relief and said his client has been unjustly treated as a hate monger when he was really mentally ill.

“He’s recovered. It’s over – he’s a meek soul,” Runfola said outside court. “He’s not a Holocaust denier,” he said, adding that he would never have defended him under such circumstances.

The prosecution portrayed Hunt as an anti-Semitic stalker bent on getting Wiesel to say the Holocaust was a lie and who boasted about his exploits on the Internet.

The prosecutor, Alan Kennedy, had no comment after the verdict. But in a statement, District Attorney Kamala Harrissaid: “Crimes motivated by hate are among the most reprehensible of offenses. … This defendant has been made to answer for an unwarranted and biased attack on a man who has dedicated his life to peace.”



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