USA: Stupid White Libtards get smacked: Once Again, “The Revolution Devours Its Own!”


[One of my supporters sent me this. I'm not sure if this comes from the Anti-New York Times. But it's good to see Liberals seeing their asses. Nice! Sink you stupid, malicious white traitors. Jan]

As statues of “racist” dead White men come crashing down in cities across America, new ones of Marxist “people of color” are set to take their place. In San Fagsicko, a monument honoring the Fake Poet Maya Angelou (1928-2014) has caused an intra-left squabble because a White city official named Catherine Stefani preferred a more traditional statue of Angelou over the plain ugly slab proposed by the selected “artist” Lava Thomas — a mulatto female.

Ms. Thomas’ supporters then played the Race Card in support of her design. Of course, the city quickly backed down and will now accept the slab proposal (artistic simulation above). Not content with getting their way, the mob is now demanding that libtard Stefani be fired merely for having attempted to reopen the selection process for the Maya Monument! – Once again, “the revolution devours its own!” Stupid White libtards deserve it!

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