USA: Juneteenth? — The Latest Anti-White Holiday – My Comments

[The unbelievable grovelling to Blacks in America continues. It defies imagination. But rest assured Jews are behind all this. Anything anti-White is good … in the USA. But also across the world. However, the US grovelling is quite pathetic if not insane. Rest assured there's evil at work. The book, "The People's History of the United States" seems to have been written by a JEW called Zinn. These people know how to steal a country I tell you. Whites don't realise that they have been colonised by Jews. And all this slavery, guilt trip nonsense. Our forefathers had no problem capturing our enemies and turning them into slaves and thinking NOTHING OF IT! We should have slaves again. Jan]

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JUNE 19, 2021

NY Times: Biden Signs Law Making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday
NY Times: Juneteenth Reminds Us Just How Far We Have to Go

NY Times: These 14 House Republicans Voted Against Juneteenth Federal Holiday

NY Times: How to Celebrate Juneteenth



As if millions of fatted Federal bureaucrats needed yet another paid holiday; and as if scores of millions of "people of color" needed yet another annual remembrance of just how evil "the White Man" is, now comes "Juneteenth"

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