USA: Jews out to TAKE YOUR GUNS – Thanks to Texas shooting – guns, guns, guns…


I see a non-White, who appears to be a young Mexican, went to his school and blew away 2 teachers and 19 kids. I think he in turn was popped by a White man who decided to take action and save people, as Whites always do.He also apparently blew his own grandmother away.

It seems to me as if most of the victims were actually not White. So this seems to be some Mexican rage and he was blowing away a bunch of people.

However, this follows hot on the heels of Payton Gendron who went and blew some Blacks away.

It is kinda weird that this has now happened hot on the heels of Payton’s exploits. But I suspect the Jews are now looking for reasons – fake reasons of course – to try and get guns out of the hands of Whites.

The crypto-Jew or Jew or just dumb White Dr Jordan Peterson, has also in the past noted that ALL THE GUNS are in the hands of Whites.

These Jews are worried that they might end up getting popped, and that is why they’re always howling about guns, guns, guns.

Perhaps now they’ll find every weapon related shooting so that they can fill the news with the need to steal away the guns out of the hands of White American males. But any excuses to steal your guns will be used.

Just remember, a lesson for ALL WHITES EVERYWHERE. Guns are your prime method of defense. Weapons are the most important thing we have. A weapon is more important than your worthless vote in these fake democracies we live in. A weapon is even more important than free speech.

You can lose your free speech and your vote, but you can get them all back again … WITH WEAPONS!

Your guns are the most important thing you have. Keep them at all costs.

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