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[This is beyond insane. But it proves, as I thought, that all black success in the USA is total Jewish fakery. Jews need to look after their special, idiotic, black pets, whom they throw at white Americans whenever it suits their Jewish needs. America's elite and white Americans in general are fooling themselves big time, if they believe that they are working correctly with blacks. They should have listened to the southerners, and they should have listened to the whites of Africa. I stand by my view that the whites in Africa did the best with blacks that you can do, as did the southerners. Beyond that, you can't do much more. The blacks are not worth much. One American I knew, early in my internet days, Billy, said to me that southerners have remarked: If we knew how much trouble we would have had with these blacks, we would have picked the cotton ourselves. Amen. We have had the same views over here in Africa. Jan]

Sunday, 31 May 2020

America – a failed social experiment?

I never expected anything meaningful to come from "Dr." Cornell West, given that were he White he’d be tossing burgers in a MacDonalds rather than being a feted Ivy League ‘academic’ and sought-after media talking head. In a recent interview with carpet muncher Anderson Cooper he declared America to be ‘a failed social experiment’. He was right. But not in the way he meant. Because the social engineering project to make blacks equal to Whites has been a catastrophic failure as the current shenanigans underline. Sixty years of litigation, marches, riots, white flight, affirmative action, Section Eight sprawl, diversity training, whiteness studies, dumbing down of everything to make blacks look competent, midnight basketball, portrayals of blacks as geniuses in the media and probably a trillion dollars of White taxpayers’ money have left things pretty much as they were when the social experiment began.

Actually things are worse. Based on figures from the 2014 American Federal Budget we can infer that the average White American over his lifetime transfers $384,109 of his wealth to a single black American. Or at least the Federal Government does it on his behalf. This is based on the following average annual net tax/welfare benefit trade-off:

White: -$2,795
Black: +$10,016

Normalising for the respective population ratios the average black would then be a net lifetime beneficiary to the tune of nearly $800,000. For married couples the figures would approximately double. Kids will widen the differential further. Bad and all as these figures are from a White perspective they tell only part of the story. Because they refer only to welfare, and Federal welfare at that. The financial drain on Whites of the black and Hispanic undertow extends much wider and deeper than that. For a start you must factor in State and Municipal welfare payments and subsidies of all sorts for which the tax/welfare benefit trade-offs should be broadly similar to those at the Federal level. Incarceration and general law enforcement costs would add about another $2000 annually to the individual White’s annual tax bill. Round it off by including the burden of supporting millions of make-work AA ‘jobs’ occupied by persons of colour. I’ve read that about 40% of the black so-called middle class occupy such positions. And as everyone who’s worked with blacks knows, they’re generally useless at anything other than the most basic tasks. So indirectly Whites are paying for this as well. And the cost is stratospheric.

In an non-insane world America’s Whites would be seeking reparations from blacks. Considering the trillions of dollars I’ve referred to above trying to ‘bridge the achievement gap’ between the races and to keeping black criminals off the streets, the disruption suffered by having to flee neighbourhoods invaded by blacks and seeing their kids dragged down academically and physically endangered through forced school integration. The potential claims list is endless.The black contribution to building America was equivalent to that of the carthorse yet they benefit from advanced infrastructure, telecommunications, health care, democratic institutions, organised sport, complex musical instruments, writing (actually scrub the last two). In other words White civilisation. The thing that thousands of Africans risk their lives to gain entry to. Yet America’s blacks benefit from it free of charge. How about charging them a license fee for its use?

And what if blacks were to make good on their threat to return to Africa?

The prison population would go down by 37%

Average IQ would go up 7 points

SAT scores would go up by about 100 points

Cases of sexually transmitted diseases would be reduced by more than half

The amount of people in poverty would go down by over 30% and as a result welfare costs would plummet

More than that, millions of police, prison guards, judges and lawyers would be redirected to productive employment, the inefficiencies of affirmative action would be massively reduced while Whites would at last be allowed to settle in Whitopias without fear of Section 8 vibrancy driving them out.

So yes, I think we can agree that Dr. West has been right for once. America indeed represents a failed social experiment.


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