USA: False Trump Hopium: Hoping the US Military will overthrow the crook and race traitor: Biden


[One of my friends in the USA wrote this. She is not the only one to express this view. A number of White Americans were hoping and disappointed that the US Military would do the right thing. I've told them it will NOT HAPPEN. All the truly good senior military officers HAVE BEEN WEEDED OUT. The rest will do nothing. Plus you must fight the existing crooked system. So some of my US friends do not yet fully grasp the raw F*CK OVER White Americans got and that we have to knuckle down and fight for all we're worth. Also folks, RADICALISM and EXTREMISM will ultimately be the way forward. As you will see. But we will come out of this, tougher and stronger. 14/88. Don't quit. Don't give up. Jan]

My friend wrote this hopium which I disagree with:

… except that he didn’t lose the 2020 election. So he’s our President now. He won’t be waiting til 2024. I have great confidence that DC is going to be a ghost town and the President will be using the part of the military that is on his side, to establish policy. People around here that I know say he’s still the President. There wouldn’t be any point of him running for election though their corrupt system.

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