USA Election 2020: Its Jews Vs Whites over the Future of the USA – THE WAR FOR WESTERN CIVILISATION: Whites Vs Jews

In a nutshell, the way I see things going in the USA, I’d say that this election is a critical juncture in US history about whether whites retain any say in where the US is going. Its really a case of the Jewish vision of the USA … which is: Let’s all dive off the cliff into the ABYSS… or the one where the whites manage to retain some kind of temporary say in the future of the USA.

The situation is bad, and BLM and ANTIFA are the Jewish terror organisations that are using violence to take you into Jewish Bolshevism … which is what Hitler fought so much against.

I’m very glad to see whites starting to get riled up and keen to get voting. Just get out there and seize your country back. Options are running out.

But I am confident, based on what I see, that white America will rally around Trump.

Just do it. Trump is the best you have for now, grab what you can, buy time so everyone can roll up their sleeves. All of us have a personal role to play in THE WAR FOR WESTERN CIVILISATION!

Jews are throwing all of Western civilisation under the bus…

It’s time to save the day, and we will be needing NEW CAESARS!!!!!

The Age of Caesars is coming … New Hitlers, New Caesars, new Kings … who will rip our enemies to pieces and save civilisation and our race! Get stuck into the fight like NEVER BEFORE!!!

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