USA Bitcoin advice anyone? – Getting Bitcoin cheaper & anonymously – Is it still possible?


Can any of you give advice to one of my supporters who asked this Bitcoin question?
He has been using Vending machines but they charge a very high fee.

Just pop your replies in the comments below this article.

He asked asked :-

I’m trying to find a way to purchase bitcoin without the
large fee, and trying to be as private as possible. So far no luck.
I was told you can buy from an individual if you can find someone
needing cash and willing to accept small transfer fee, Banks here
charge lots of money to transfer funds into a bitcoin vendor like
coinbase, and using a debit card costs about 5 percent or more.

Most of these vendors want all kinds of personal information and want
to know what you are going to do with the bitcoin, etc.

Bitcoin vending machines charge 11 or 12 percent, out of the question.

One thought on “USA Bitcoin advice anyone? – Getting Bitcoin cheaper & anonymously – Is it still possible?

  • 7th September 2019 at 1:34 am

    Bitcoin ist a Massive Scan! A Fraud!
    Just this redicoulus fees, shows what a dirty garbage scam it is!

    A June 2018 TOI article reports that experts have been touting cryptocurrency and blockchain as “the next major driver of the Israeli economy.”
    This would be a highly questionable driver. As TOI reports, “It is unclear how much of the activity in this new high-tech field is legitimate, how much is mere hype, and how much is outright fraud perpetrated by malevolent actors, including transnational criminal organizations.”
    In December, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) published an article announcing: “Bitcoin Fraud Could Be the Next Big Thing for Swindlers in Israel.” The article, published in Israel’s Jerusalem Post, reported: “According to fraud experts, Israel is shaping up to be a hub for cryptocurrency swindling.”

    “Fraudsters,” JTA said, “have begun to take advantage of a cryptocurrency bonanza with a variety of nefarious schemes.”
    A former IRS special agent who focused on international fraud predicts that this will mushroom and that Israeli binary options swindlers will spearhead a “massive cryptocurrency fraud.”
    An Israeli expert who helps victims of financial scams says: “More or less every binary options company we know of now has a cryptocurrency platform as well. I’m already getting calls from victims, but most people have yet to even realize they’ve been defrauded.”
    An Israeli analyst on threat intelligence reports that “not a day goes by without our hearing about a new ICO [initial coin offering] scam or mining attack.” On November 8th, Ha’aretz reported: “Despite complaints to the authorities, users haven’t been warned about cybercriminals who swindle sellers of bitcoin using popular payment apps.”
    According to Tel Aviv University Economics professor Neil Gandal, “It’s possible for a small number of actors to manipulate things,” TOI reports. Gandel says that Bitcoin’s first major price spike was likely caused by a single person, and a recent University of Texas paper found that Bitcoin’s more recent price spike was also caused by price manipulation.

    TOI reports: “Thousands of Israeli binary options operatives have been looking for new work, and the cryptocurrency field, with its lack of regulation, potential for easy money and libertarian ethos, is a magnet for such individuals.”
    According to TOI, “Experts estimate that there are more than 100 fraudulent forex, CFDs, cryptocurrency, insurance, locksmith and Green Card lottery boiler rooms in the country.”

    Sorry can’t help you out in the fees, but if Israhell is involved… it’s a SCAM!


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