US STOLEN ELECTION: Lawsuit filed in Michigan contesting tens of thousands of ballots


A lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Michigan contesting tens of thousands of ballots in Wayne County, where the city of Detroit is located, claiming failed ballots were cured by Democratic supervisors — without a Republican counterpart — in violation of state law.

The lawsuit claims that more than 100 counting groups operating in Wayne County experienced a small percentage of ballots that had been illegible, thus, they were rejected by voting machines.

Under state law, both a Democrat and Republican observer can fill in by hand a new ballot, correcting the illegible one so that’s counted by the machine. Both observers are supposed to agree on the fix.

But according to the legal complaint, Michigan law was violated when only Democrat observers were correcting the ballots, according to several witnesses.

Phill Kline, director of The Amistad Project, issued a press release Thursday detailing the lawsuit, calling for those ballots to be reviewed.

“It is imperative that these rejected ballots be quarantined immediately and that representatives of both parties be able to evaluate them. Allowing tens of thousands of illegally cast ballots to potentially determine the election outcome in Michigan is a clear and present threat to American democracy. As such, we are optimistic the court will do the right thing and act swiftly,” he said.


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