US Army Veteran talks to me about Jews: Should I fight with my former comrades?


One of my supporters is a US Army Vet and this is what he wrote to me when I asked him: What do other US Army vets think? Do they realise the Jews are the ones they went to fight for? Are they aware that Jews are destroying the USA?

This was his short response:
Also, you asked about my fellow veterans and their posture regarding things….tbh, I should join up with the local Veterans of Foreign Wars and get a feel for that…I’ve hesitated thus far to do that because they live in a completely different world than you and I…If I joined up, had a few beers, and got a bit sauced, I’d probably start a fight because I would tell them how they got injured and lost their friends in wars just so greedy Jews could make a profit off their friends blood and their suffering….what do you think? Is that sound reasoning or not?

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