Ukrainian War: All this Ukraine wildness was due to the RACE FOR WINTER! – 2023? A Wild War year?

The real military reason as to why this war got so intense was because of the concerns about WINTER. The Russians were expected to get a huge advantage from Winter. The Ukrainians wanted to win back territory, but they feared that with winter setting in, and fighting slowing down in the intense cold, that the Russians would be able to bed down and spend the whole winter building fortifications and trenches. They feared that a long cold winter would enable the Russians to build up their defences in their captured areas to such a degree that next summer, when the war hots up, that the Ukrainians will not be strong enough to gain more territory.

So there was this intense push with new weapons, etc to try and get as much territory back as possible before winter sets in. Winter always slows down the fighting.

It was the sudden success of the Ukrainians that has resulted in the Russian forces collapsing and losing a lot of ground that has now turned the situation into a very stressful one for Putin.

But it was the winter issues that is the real reason this thing has escalated. And now the Russians need to bolster their forces.

So it’s a dash for winter and then we’ll see where the battle lines are drawn. Next year, in spring when 2023 starts, we’ll see this war ramping up.

We might be on our way to WW3 slowly.

But we’ve got to bust out of this Liberal claptrap.

I don’t think that Putin will be ousted. The CIA would have to be insanely good to pull it off. The British with MI6 are deeply embedded in this war. The British have a LOT invested in this war.

So it looks as if 2023 … spring and summer could open with a bang.

I’ll keep watching the nuke thing. Putin might be the first leader since the Americans to actually use a nuke. I suspect that will only happen if the Ukrainians can, in some way, manage to keep on winning.

The Ukrainians themselves are very stretched. And even all those weapon supplies are stressing America and Europe.

For the Europeans, what is happening here sucks.

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