Ukraine War: Putin is still lying about Tank Losses – Is the Russian army dysfunctional? – Putin doesn’t have friends

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I heard that recently, after the Wagner coup d’etat, that Putin claims that 40 Ukrainian tanks were destroyed. This sounds like more of those highly inflated Russian numbers. It’s probably best to divide those numbers by 10.

There seems to be information that the Russian commanders are FORCED to send back positive news about the war and they just make up numbers at the front line and this is sent back upwards through the hierarchy.

So it is possible that Putin is receiving information that he believes is true but it’s not true. But he believes his commanders.

This is stupid given that the Jew Prigozhin even openly made videos stating that there are hideous things going on at the front lines on the Russian side and that losses, etc are worse. So it means that even those revelations by his own Jew still have not changed his viewpoint.

It does seem that Putin thought he had lost total power during the Wagner coup d’etat. Putin fled and was phoning people, including other Presidents in the states that were part of the old USSR and they were not willing to assist him!!!

So Putin does not have many friends even in the states that used to be part of the Soviet Union.

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