UK: Sex and attractive women: When will White British wake up and realise their (Jewish) ELITE HATE THEM? – The Daily Mail UK


Whenever I see stories from the UK or I look at major UK news websites, I just see it overflowing with multiracial content. For example, go to the Daily Mail in the UK on any day. Here’s the URL:

Now go and browse down the right hand side, where they have the stories of love, sex, fall-outs and attractive women. Then go and look at the photos, and the stories and see if you can find out how many of those are GENUINE WHITE BRITISH WOMEN?

Go and look at the women and their bodies and skin colour and see how many of them are White. Look really closely at them, and search on their names. You’ll see all kinds of Blacks, mixed-race women are lauded for their "beauty". Look at their bodies. These are not Europeans.

And if you see what looks like a white woman, go and dig deeper. In order to write this, I took a quick gander there and looked at them. Then I saw what looked like a genuine White woman, and I looked more closely, her name is Daisy Lowe. Who is she? Well go to Wikipedia and it says:

You will find that the "White woman" is actually a JEWISH MODEL. It reads:
Lowe was born in Westminster, London, England. She grew up in Primrose Hill, North London, and stayed with grandparents to continue her education at South Hampstead High School, when her mother, Pearl Lowe, moved to Hampshire. Lowe has two younger half-brothers and a half-sister from her mother’s marriage to Danny Goffey; Alfie, Frankie and Betty.[5] She also has three younger half-brothers from her father’s marriage to Gwen Stefani; Kingston, Zuma and Apollo.[6][7] She is Jewish.[8]

She is Jewish and others in her family have kids named, "Zuma" among other names. The only Zuma I know of is a Zulu in South Africa.

I suggest you take a daily look at the British Daily Mail… and browse that right hand column. Look at the couples, the love affairs, the "hot models" and see how many of them are GENUINELY WHITE BRITISH.

I think you will find, as I have, that White British are MASSIVELY UNDER REPRESENTED there. MASSIVELY.

People in Britain should ask themselves whether their own (Jewish) Elite is not working day and night to REPLACE THEM!!!

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