I am on a Trump mailing list and from time to time I check what he’s up to. But I must tell you he is incredibly busy. He and his son blast out emails and I’ve easily seen 10 emails per day every day. But lately, a rough count shows more than 10 emails a day. Perhaps closer to 15. I’ve not done a definitive count but it’s a lot.

He sends out news in emails and he also sends out lots of requests for money or invitations to events.

It’s quite amazing how busy they are and they aren’t shy. They’re just blasting out hordes of emails and it’s like this daily and as I say the intensity is definitely the greatest I’ve ever seen.

Trump, in his own way, is stirring up his Conservative/Liberal "Revolution".

Exactly what this means I’m not sure, since he’s not racial and he’s not pro-White.

But, he is busy … very busy…

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