Trump is buggering around with the stolen election & 2022 & 2024 – He can be cheated AGAIN!


This is from a discussion I was having with an American lady. It started when I was sent a map of the election fraud in the USA in 2020:

I wrote (about the map):
Brilliant. Trump seems to be doing nothing and instead is focusing on 2024. That’s wrong. I’m very suspicious about such a strategy.

The American lady wrote:
2022 and 2024 are chimeras designed to mislead and distract. If the 2020 election is not overturned, NO MORE GENUINE ELECTIONS WILL EVER TAKE PLACE! Please DO NOT be deceived by those who talk about 2022 and 2024. Once you can steal and election, you can ALWAYS steal and election.

I replied:
I agree with you. I like what you’re saying.

Furthermore, Trump could himself be OUTWITTED and TRICKED in something new in 2024. There is no CERTAINTY about 2024.

It leaves Biden et al to do massive damage.

Trump must either fight, or he’s going to be beaten again.

The Jews are AGGRESSIVE and the Liberals and Leftists are very AGGRESSIVE. They seize the moment NOW!

Trump is stuffing around like a weakling.

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