Trump Administration sent Jewish hag Bonnie Glick to Hungary to bitch about European anti-semitism


I’m not going to bore you with the details. All I will say is that Trump, apparently due to “pressure” sent this Jewish witch to go an bitch in Hungary. She is the deputy administrator of the United States Agency for International Development.

She went to The Second International Conference on Christian Persecution was held in Budapest Nov. 26-28, and included a speech from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Then the Jewish hag went on to say that its not just Christians who are persecuted but Jews too.

She boasted that she got through to a lot of people, which is very sad.

As usual the Jew plays the victim, while in fact coming in from a top-down structure. There was one guy, I think a Lebonese, who said some honest, nasty things about Israel.

But it is sad, that people so easily fall for the Jewish angle. This is because they do not really understand Jews.

The Jewish hag had a chance to moan about European anti-semitism.

I think Jews should be barred from entering Europe at all …

We clearly have a lot of work to do, and we must stand by the Europeans. They are dead right about the Jewish scum.

One thought on “Trump Administration sent Jewish hag Bonnie Glick to Hungary to bitch about European anti-semitism

  • 7th January 2020 at 2:16 am

    I thought I was seeing things when I first read your blog here. I pay such little attention to what Trump and his people are up to these days and wasn’t aware that this conference took place last November. I do tune in to the Fake Fox News Network evening lineup from time to time, normally just to catch a little bit of Tucker Carlson’s show. Of course it is not at all surprising to me that this conference received zero attention on mainstream American news stations as it has to do with Christians, a topic they care little for unless it is perhaps related to Evangelical Christians who kiss major Jew ass, like big fat shabbos goyim extraordinaire, John Hagee of the Texas Cornerstone Church – who has raised so much money for aiding and assisting in real estate for illegal Israeli settlements in Gaza strip and West Bank that his name is plastered on the sides of a couple buildings in the West Bank and they gave him his own personal Leer jet to come in and out of Israel in.

    So let me get this straight….”the government of Hungary organized its second International Conference on Christian Persecution. Held in Budapest and focusing on highlighting the most persecuted religious group on the planet, it was attended by more than 650 participants from 40 countries.”

    HOW IS IT that this Jewess hag had the nerve to find a way to make a conference on Christian persecution about European ANTI-SEMITISM? Every day of every year in every country (or damned close to) is a day dedicated to antisemitism – a couple of lousy days in Hungary dedicated to the VERY REAL PROBLEM of Christian persecution should have been 100% JEW FREE!!!!

    Or was this precisely for the fact this was in Hungary and the liberal losers and greedy Jews can’t stand that there are some countries left in Europe that still believe in nationalism for their own country because they do not want to become extinct?

    These pathetic Jew scum never cease to amaze me. The more they get, the more they expect and demand.

    Could you imagine a Christian gentile showing up at an Antisemitism conference and standing up to talk about the very real genociding of Christians taking place??? Yeah right, as if! They would probably have that crazy goy arrested and then go on to bitch about their poor, persecuted feelings or some such snively thing.


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