Top 6 most important FALSE NARRATIVES the Biden Regime does NOT want challenged

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A narrative is defined as a spoken or written account of connected events, also known as a story. In the news, narratives are often used to justify government actions or events so the populace will support them, but motives for this can be quite insidious, and the narratives themselves are often boldface lies that are repeated across major networks, newspapers, and websites. For example, if everyone knew that the Covid "vaccines" were as dangerous and deadly as they really are, the majority of people would never have had them injected into their bodies, and especially not their children. Still, when major government agencies lie repeatedly to the populace, especially over decades, the same false narratives and mantra, people get brainwashed and simply can’t bring themselves to believe that it is not true. This is a major problem.

For decades, people have been told war is "good for the economy" and necessary to preserve national security, but that often does not apply to the situation at hand; it’s just a narrative used to garner mass public support (and so people will allow their tax money to sink into politicians’ pockets).

From 2016 to 2020, mainstream media, also known as fake news (because it is biased), purported the conspiracy theory that Donald J. Trump only won the POTUS election because he cheated, and the Russians helped him. It was called Russian collusion, and every major news outlet repeated that narrative, that it was an "unfair" election, that it was not "secure," and that it was stolen from Hillary Clinton. Yet, because the Democrats "won" in 2020, and basically own and run fake news, now all we hear and read is that "all elections are safe and secure," and to counter that narrative with the truth or even opinions is illegal and grounds for being considered a "domestic terrorist."

Top 6 biggest lies the Biden Regime uses as false narratives and that punishes anyone who challenges them

#1. "Vaccines are safe and effective."

#2. "War is good."

#3. "All elections are safe and secure" (except when the Left loses).

#4. "The economy is good" – always when Democrats are in power, no matter what.

#5. "Government is honest and will work for your interests."

#6. "Censorship is necessary" to prevent misinformation and disinformation from spreading – In effect, they need censorship to protect their false reality, their own delusions.

The overall truth is that government works in bad faith, and that is why they want the RESTRICT ACT put in place so badly

False narratives are so brainwashing that the Biden Regime is actually telling all Americans that our current economy is good, despite mass inflation, crumbling supply chains, unfettered printing of trillions of dollars, endless draining of funds and military weapons for the insidious Ukraine War, and the destruction of the Republic as we know it. The narrative is that "War is Good" because it’s preventing communist aggression, but the communist aggression is happening right here, on our own soil, and from within our own government (CCP-led Biden Regime).

Without unconstitutional censorship, the Biden Regime would not be in control right now. Everyone knows Biden did not get 80 million votes, but fake news convinced the majority of the country that the election was real, and that the current communist powers-that-be in Washington DC are there justifiably. The Left will tell you time and time again that, "Censorship is necessary" to prevent misinformation and disinformation from spreading, but they’re just protecting their own false reality and their own delusions. Watch as fake news across America repeats the same scripted message about their own lies and "misinformation" (as they are the disinformation kings).

Even climate change is a false narrative. Consider the fact that India and China pollute the world much faster than America, and they are doing nothing to slow this pollution down, so even if climate was affected by humans, we would need the whole world to step up and make changes, not just support some false narrative that ending fossil fuel use in America could possibly change anything at all.


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