TOP 10 REASONS TO VOTE FOR TRUMP: The Anti-New York Times endorses Donald Trump!


[Sadly I only got this now otherwise I'd have published it earlier. Very awesome stuff from Mike King. I like Mike's take on whether Trump was using the first 4 years to prepare … I've been wondering if this is Trump's game. Jan]

The "Editorial Board" of The Anti-New York Times is certain that not a single solitary subscriber to our "almost-daily" blast of truth has voted or will be voting today for Creepy Pedo-Molestor Joe Biden. However, there are a few of "youse guys" still skeptical of Donald Trump and thus contemplating staying home. Please don’t.

First of all — as 90% believers in the promises of the Trump operation known as Q Anon — we have always said that the true measure of the Trump presidency will not be known until his second term. The first four years were the necessary prep work. Therefore, any historical verdict passed on Trump cannot be a just one until he finishes his eight years. And if, during these immediate months following a Trump reelection, we do not see the beginnings of "The Storm" and the promised arrests, the ANYT will be the first and the loudest to scream foul. Be patient.

Apart from the unknown that is to come, or not to come, there were many achievements during the first term that were tangible and laudable. Let’s review a few.

    Had Trump not run for president, no other Republican’t could have stopped Killary Rotten Clinton from becoming the Boss Lady of America. Ya think the Frumpy Frau of Germany is bad? Just imagine life under this warmongering, fat-ankled, vagina-obsessed, corrupt, cackling, Satanist (not kidding here, she really is!) bitch from the pits of Hell. Killary would have flooded the United States with Turd World voters; taken us to war, and nominated hundreds of Communists and lesbians to the Federal judiciary.

But Trump took down the Globalists’ Golden Girl by calling her "Crooked Hillary," a "nasty woman," and threatening to put her in jail if elected– right to her face during live debates!

    During the very first week of his presidency, Trump withdrew the United States from the sovereignty-busting TPP (Trans Pacific Trade Agreement). The Globalist scum at the Council on Foreign Relations squealed in agony over the sudden demise of this "bipartisan" scam (here). That alone tells you just how treasonous the 12-nation (mostly Asian) agreement — with a back door mechanism for linking up with the EUSSR — actually was.

    Ex-President Obongo left a directive in place which would have replaced the great President Andrew Jackson (Trump’s favorite) with Aunt Jemima, er, Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill — our most commonly used bill — in 2020. Trump took a lot of heat for his "racial insensitivity" — but he held firm. Just imagine how demoralized we used & abused middle-aged White guys would all be about now with Killary cruising toward a second term landslide and our ATM’s spitting out Tubman bills.

    It was not by chance that the seemingly intractable "Syrian Civil War" suddenly faded away during Trump’s first year in office. While the Russians pounded the CIA / Mossad mercenaries of "ISIS" from the air, and the Iranians and Hezbollah heroes fought them on the ground, Trump, in July 2017, quietly pulled all CIA funding from the "moderate rebels" (here) The ensuing shortage of weapons and demoralization led to disappearance of the international menace. Compare this to Killary’s stated promise to continue funding the "rebels" and to shoot down Russian planes over Syria! (here)

    In 2017, Trump put an abrupt stop (here) to the hostile and dangerous encirclement policy known as "The Asian Pivot" — which Obongo had aggressively directed at China. He followed up by bringing the two Koreas closer together than ever before and he even set foot in North Korea with Lil’ Kim. For his successful peace-making in Asia, some in the region have suggested that

  5. Trump proudly holds up a map showing the ever-shrinking territory held by ISIS — thanks in no small measure to his cut-off of CIA arms to the "moderate rebels." // 5. Trump shakes hands with Lil’ Kim — just before setting foot in North Korea.

    Again, it was not by chance that the dangerous and deadly Globalist vs Russia proxy war in Eastern Ukraine ended during Trump’s term. As a US vassal state, Trump used his influence to bring the propped-up Ukrainian mad dogs to their senses. (here)

    The Globalists saw one of their most important world-government schemes go down the toilet when Trump pulled the United States out of this horrific economy-killing scam. Biden has promised to put us back in this communist climate cage which would cripple energy production and degrade living standards.

    Under a string of successive U.S. presidents, Israel’s Epstein / Maxwell pedo-sex blackmail program operated unmolested (no pun intended) for many years — and would still be functioning today had it not been for Trump’s Justice Department — headed by the "ineffective" Jeff Sessions. Heck! Bill Clinton himself was one of Epstein’s regular clients. Maxwell attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, and Maxwell’s young nephew was even given an important position in Killary Clinton’s State Department (here)!

    Trump’s defense of the 2nd Amendment has been unwavering — even in the aftermath of Deep State crisis-actor shooting hoaxes (which he has evidently put an end to). Had Killary been president, the Deep State Sandy Hookish hoaxes would have continued, and she would surely have banned or severely restricted "assault rifles" by now.

    No president since Harding has ever used terms such as "America First" and "Globalist." Trump not only speaks to the American people in this manner, but he has gone directly into the Devil’s Lair of the U.N. General Assembly and Davos to confront the Globalists and denounce their schemes — to their faces! (here) and (here)

Furthermore, through the rapidly growing Q-Anon operation, Team Trump has educated millions of newbies worldwide about the New World Order conspiracy. Awareness of a dangerous problem must precede mass action — and Q / Trump have awakened and continue to awaken the global public. And — most importantly of all — Trump himself has viciously, fearlessly and relentlessly attacked and discredited the outrageous "Fake News" which conceals the NWO plot.

That’s 10 solid reasons to support Donald Trump — and many more not listed (such as: hundreds of miles of border wall built, ObongoCare tax penalties repealed, tax cuts, energy independence, deregulation, scores of Deep Staters fired, many GOP traitors purged, record number busts of pedo-monsters, center-right Supreme Court picks, Israel confined to its borders and forced to behave etc).

But .. but … but … muh Jared Kushner — sayeth the die-hards. (palm to face, sighing, shaking head)

Just get your butt out there and vote — and take someone with you!


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