Those EVIL JEWISH RABBIS: Roadmap for turning Israel into a theocracy and putting Jewish law ‘above all’ uncovered

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[Rabbis are the root of all Jewish evil. They are about to have more power in the stupid Jewish state of Israel. Jan]

In their self-perception, Noam’s members believe they are a contemporary incarnation of the Maccabees: a group of Jewish rebel warriors who took control of Palestine. They see themselves as the "sons of light" who are doing battle on God’s side against the West and against its representatives, the left-wing in the media, in academia and in non-Orthodox Judaism.

Maoz has spoken about "purging, cleansing and toppling". His aspiration is said to be "to purge the public atmosphere in our country of foreign influences, and to add more and more Judaism and purity to the soul of our country, the State of Israel". The main objective of the Party, according to Miller, is to transform the public space in Israel into a religious space. "The state’s Judaism must be apparent in every corner of its life," Maoz is reported saying. "We shall strengthen the image of the State of Israel as a Jewish state in all spheres. In all the public systems, in the public realm, we will see to it that the state’s Jewish identity will be clear, will be natural, will be simple, will fill our hearts with Jewish pride. That is what we are fighting for."

In 2018, Israel adopted the so-called Nation State Bill which further entrench Jewish supremacy and racial discrimination against Palestinians in its constitutional law. The move was also seen by critics as another milestone in the creation of a Jewish theocracy in historic Palestine.


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