This Happened in a Calgary, Alberta, Canada Courtroom

[I got this from a very angry Canadian lady. You can check up on this. Jan]

This is what I received:

This information is for the world. The people of the world must be informed as to what happened to the Christopher Lee and Christine Wall Family. For more information, go to Facebook and look up the story under the name of Christine Wall from Newfoundland.

She is bruised on her arms; the handcuffs cut into her wrists. Sheriff officer R.Cunningham 2067 grabbed Christine by the arm and pushed her arm up behind her back and hurt her arm and shoulder.

R.Cunningham badge #2067 pushed her up against the wall because he said Christine was resisting an arrest. We were not violent at all. She was just saying I do not consent. I was cuffed several times.

I do not stand under you. R.Cunning ham 2067 punched her in the back while walking back into court. R.Cunningham 2067 didn’t give her a phone call. He poked her in the ribs. He was shaking uncontrollably. He was so emotional with anger and rage.

I told him R.Cunningham 2067 to stand down. He said he had to obey Judge Stephen E. Lipton. I reminded him he took an oath to protect and serve the public. He R. Cunningham #2067 could not think with the idea that we would not obey the Judge Stephen E. Lipton, Christine was then arrested and taken into custody in the holding cells downstairs in court where she was taken back and forth court to a cell throughout the whole day. While Christine was at court Lipton did state to her that if she didn’t keep quiet he would restrain me to keep quiet.

At one point Christine Wall asked for water and R.Cunningham #2067 told her to drink from the toilet in her cell, where she was leg shackled all day throughout court.

I told them that this is the greatest civil rights issue of our time. Christine was like Rosa Parks who would not give up her seat on the bus to a white person.

They brought Christine back to court in shackles and bright orange shoes. Christine’s afternoon witness was there for court and Liam signaled to her tapping his heart to say he is rooting for Christine and good luck.

Judge Stephen E. Lipton threatened to gag her in court. Just like the old judge did to Bobby Seale in the Chicago Seven trial. We recorded court today and her jail experience.

Judge Stephen E. Lipton is closing down the court case tomorrow with his decision on the PGO, but we are not going. When I didn’t go I received an email from the director’s lawyer stating PGO was granted and access is cut off completely and the reasons will be written in his order this coming Wednesday.

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