This Corona nonsense is getting weirder: S.African Army on a War Footing …


Here in S.Africa a message came through from one of my contacts. The message is one I can put in a video tomorrow. It is that the SANDF (our military) is on a WAR FOOTING as of about 3 hours ago.

There is also talk of a total business shut down. This makes me wonder if we will run out of food.

All the actions make no sense. They are CREATING A CRISIS. They are not preventing one. They’re inventing one.

Are they trying to push us into a corner in order to have a reason to begin shooting people?

Just as creepy was the Israeli Minister of Defense, who sent out a message about separating the young from the old as a survival plan. That too, actually makes no sense.

The Germans are not stressed. But Israel is. Could it be that Jewish science is fucked up and they believe their own shit?

Maybe they are afraid?

Could it be that Jews are totally afraid and they are driving this madness because THEY are afraid and they want to save themselves – or get the best treatment?

The measures taken by the different countries make no sense. A super-over-reaction to something.

I was watching film footage of a large convoy of humvees heading to Chicago. And Boston in lock-down.

All of this makes no sense.

This is much weirder than 911 and they’re talking of isolation for months.

Jew rats are at work in some way.

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