What do you think of the Boer Prophet Siener Van Rensburg?


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Martin wrote:

Hi Jan
I would like to know what you think of Siener Van Rensburg? Its a subject I have studied for more than 15 years and things are really getting exciting now and prophecy is actually taking place as predicted 100 years ago.

Iv been watching a certain man in Germany for about 10 years and have followed his every move,its hard to explain but something in me just said keep your eyes on this German leader? Now going back to the Siener, he had a vision in 1925 and his daughter wrote down this vision for him because he could hardly read or write but this vision was about a man who was a military leader would become the leader of Germany,he would take over from a blond haird blue eyed woman,he also told his daughter to mark this vision as very important!! Well I can no longer say that I have any doubts about this and it is the real deal.This man will take controle of Germany and will honor the Crouse Agreements that were singed between the Boers and Germans in a town call prieska in the north west province,the agreements were that because the Boers help Germany fight the british that if the Boers ever needed help in the future that Germany would come there aid,the prophecy goes on the say that this leader would send arms and supplies to the Boers at a given time in the future via a railway line from the west coast to Prieska and that German military will march with the Boers to the capital were they take the country back.

Anyway that is the short version and not even the tip of the iceberg,I would like to know what you know about this and would like to share more info on this subject,I will leave a video bellow and so you know who im talking about,also this leader has just officially stated that he will be running in the next German elections later this year?Social media is alive about this announcement but the main stream media it totally quiet.

Martin sent this link about the comeback of a German politician which he believes is part of Siener Van Rensburg’s prophecies.

Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/ProGuttenberg/photos/a.431957966852557.91135.167581093290247/1242797295768616/?type=3&theater

My Reply to Martin:

Hi Martin,
I used to be big into prophecy for much of my life. I actually bought the little red Afrikaans book on Siener when it first came out in the 1990’s and I have in more recent years bought the English and Afrikaans versions.

I know many people who believe in this deeply and they’re waiting for the moment this comes true.

But I’m afraid, time has turned me into a skeptic about most everything. I don’t base any of my thinking on the Siener prophecies. With or Without them I’m just soldiering forward. It is clearly a thing that speaks to the Boers. But I’m one of the few Boers whose not Christian.

I believe each must have his own belief.

I am well aware of the Night of the Long Knives, and in my book Government by Deception (2002) I used this exact type of scenario in the chapter “The Whites’s Last Stand”. My interest was in a military analysis of whether we would survive an all-out black attack of the worst kind. The thrust of my book was that whites need their own country in Africa. So I am very interested in the line of thinking which gives us power over our own affairs.

Germany is in a sad state. Germany won’t aid us in its current state. But let me be frank with you, the US Army and Air force & British Army and Air force are more likely to come and KILL US WHITES if we try to save ourselves in the future. The Americans and British have made it their business to kill white people (just ask the Europeans – especially the Germans). How about the British who came here to seize the Boer Republics over a century ago (not to mention ALL the Boer Republics the British laid their hands on)! I’m afraid for the whites of South Africa, especially us Boers – The USA and Britain will KILL US if we try to get our own republic.

I do agree with the general principle that our ONLY HOPE is EUROPE.

PS: A pal of mine worked in a nuclear plant here and had a LOT of contact with the Japanese. The Japanese were regarded as white under Apartheid (and Chinese and Indians were regarded as non-white). I befriended some Japanese and I like them a lot. Our NATURAL ALLIES are the Europeans and the Japanese. (My pal at the nuclear plant told me many nice things about the Japanese).

But in terms of Boer independence (and this INCLUDES THE RHODESIANS) regard America and Britain as our DEADLY ENEMIES. This is FACT. I’ll show you more later about how the British and Jews smuggled more deadly weaponry into South Africa to kill whites than the ANC did).



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