THE WHITE WAR FOR FREEDOM: Iranian writes to me about Whites and the Jew-loving Western World’s leaders

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[An Iranian wrote to me. My reply is below his long piece here. Jan]

Hi Jan,

Regarding Israel with its war-mongering colonial rape fantasy of the Middle=
East beginning with bringing the only real opponent left: Iran, back to it=
s knees. Israel is not alone in this endeavour. The Jewish-Anglo / White wo=
rld’s "governments" (USA, UK, etc) is all for aggression and subjugation of=
actual governments that are not owned by these plutocrats that own the cen=
tral banks, and you know this.

Like the Boers, Iran’s population was also starved and diseased by the Brit=
ish when they took over the granaries and farms alongside the Russians, thr=
ough which half of the population of Iran was exterminated. On top of this,=
they’ve engaged in coups against Iran using Mi6 and CIA and Mossad to inst=
all their puppet dictators like the European-loving, stupid, Mossad-caterin=
g, brutal Pahlavis over Iran’s democratically-elected governments.

I do not think you realise (it is difficult to truly realise the profoundne=
ss within human history and the present (even though you don’t consider non=
-Whites like me even respectably human)), but Europeans, especially right-w=
ing white-nationalist-catering European parties actually love and support I=
srael, and would enthusiastically love to see them continue to exercise the=
ir supremacism more than the plutocrats already have them do, with their fa=
ke, liberal, paedophile-race nations’ "parliaments" across the planet. Actu=
al right-wing prime ministers and presidents like Bolsanaro from Brazil and=
Orban of Hungary very much openly love Israel, you and I knowing that thes=
e elite people are wise to the Jew despite their love for it. These are you=
r beloved White Right, Jan.

So, what it comes down to is: why would any apparently even hard right-wing=
European or anyone else that aren’t real moralists like Iran, for that mat=
ter, care about the genocidal supremacism all the way in Israel and in the =
Jewish identity as a whole? The Jews are White, colonialist, supremacist, c=
old killers (not in the battlefield but with computers/drones or against un=
armed people), everything any radical xenophobe such as yourself aspires th=
eir people to be (and for you, be again): colonising the entire world. They=
actually sometimes discriminate against non-Northern European-looking Jews=
within Israel, too, which is interesting and funny.

The oligarchs or Jews have no intentions of making Europeans extinct or wea=
k. Because they are Europeans themselves. So what if there are race-mixers,=
it’s only going to make the target people more aware of their identity. In=
fact, they will make them strong, albeit back to weird supremacists again,=
like the Jews are, with these initial mind-games of trying to make them ha=
ve White guilt, it causes them to react and not self-deprecate like a stupi=
d loon any longer when they feel like rolling that message in the mass medi=
a as they do with anything they push. It will cause them to react at some p=
oint, with enough logical realisation that they’re being played, just not i=
n the way they think. And the Jews will change their tune again and be like=
"Yeah, White brother! You realised who you are "again"! All the shit we w=
ent through against each other in Europe, it doesn’t matter! Look at us, we=
‘re White and more clever than you, so don’t fuck with us, join us!" And an=
y White racialist will be happy enough that they aren’t living next to shit=
skin neighbours like myself somewhere in the Occident, and can do their Naz=
i salute with a star of Remphan around their shoulder, which they are. It’s=
just you that isn’t, yet.

The entire Occidental & Semitic world – your beloved side of the world – ha=
s now ganged up on 40 year old Iran. Don’t act like Europeans are in any tr=
ouble, my people have been literally enslaved and slaughtered in the 21st c=
entury due to YOUR plutocrat people’s machinations. And God is real. Ahura =
Mazda/ Ohrmazd is Odanaz, hanging on a tree and pierced by a spear with no =
food and no drink, screaming, and fell. The Christ God reborn so that He co=
uld learn to read. 9 days for Odanaz, 6 hours for Jesus Christ. 3 something=
for the Saoshyant. There is a Judgement Day, and it came from the holy "Ir=
anian" Ariyan people’s Xarathustra, just as he prophesied Jesus Christ’s bi=
rth under a strange star. Just guess who Isaiah 13 is about.

I sense the Jews hand in Iranian politics. It is only a small minority whic=
h urge for a nationalist attitude in the country’s policies, instead of the=
liberal wishy-washy shaking hands with known paedophile Jewish dictators l=
ike Erdogan and letting Wahhabist Arabs (really just UK/ Israel’s ISIS, no =
difference at all) get guns from your beloved White countries to kill our p=
eople and our innocent allies. Half of Iran is atheist, they don’t want to =
do with anything Islamic or even nationalist, they love Europeans and want =
to be like them, and Europeans want to avidly bomb these shitskins when the=
y are not quietly using Arabs to do it for them.

Take care of yourself.

My reply:-
I’ll publish your comments as is. I browsed them. Orban of Hungary is someone who is good on our side. I am well aware that the entire Western world is led by Jew-loving anti-White traitors. I am well aware of this. Our entire race has bowed down to the Jews. This is true. And they are fooled by the Jews. The European race is virtually a leaderless civilisation. I know in Germany for example, only one true German even ran Germany after WW2. Merkel is a Jewish Polish Communist. But Germans vote for her. The European race is very confused and that includes the Rhodesians and Boers who are my people.

About Orban, he has tried to stand up. But I do recall before Orban took power that there were much more HARDCORE anti-Jew people in Hungary. And those Whites, I forget their name, were destroyed in the politics.

You need to realise that any White who stands up to the Jews will be battered into the ground, as has happened across the Western world.

I think the White struggle for freedom from Jews is going to take quite a long time and I think it will probably result in bloodshed in every Western nation eventually.

This is NOT GOING TO BE EASY. BUT… the struggle has begun and I don’t think they will be able to stop us. It does not matter even if this takes DECADES, but there is a new fire that has been lit among Whites unlike anything seen since Hitler.

There is no doubt in my mind that Whites will try to break free. I expect it to take many years, with lots of failures and many struggles and that it will become ever more intense.

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