The way Christians see Life Versus the way the Earth really is…

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[This is a note I sent to someone. Jan]

I do ponder the way Christians see life, and I compare it to the way it really is. If you truly grasp science and what we know, you’ll know that it is an insane piece of luck that we are even alive. It is an even more insane piece of luck that we are Europeans, and that our civilisation is responsible for 99% (this has been proven), of all progress in all history. We are exceedingly lucky to have been born, for a short life, a life that we will only have once. There is nothing after this. This is it. Yet, people complain and want to commit suicide. They want to kill themselves in the one and only life they have. They feel depressed and unhappy at how harsh life is. But this is the only life they will ever live. And, if you look around at ALL LIFE on this planet, you’ll see that for the non-Humans, that life is EVEN MORE BRUTAL. The other day I was watching a video, where an astronomer explained why he thinks we might be the only life in the universe. I would add: Perhaps we are the only life in the universe. And if we are not the only life in the universe, we might be the only life that takes this form that we are. (I won’t explain why here). We might even be the greatest thing IN THE UNIVERSE, in the form of intelligent life. So we are insanely rare, and utterly special. Furthermore, the Earth WILL DIE. It will be destroyed in 1-5 billion years. The ONLY intelligent life on this planet that has the ability to cause us to outlive the Earth, is Whites. We’re the ONLY people clever enough to develop a method for outliving the Earth’s life. If so, we would then, as a species, be immortal. We could then live for as long as the universe lives. We are a very awesome and limited thing, but we have a date with certain death.

Most Whites live in a la la land. They imagine there are all kinds of nice things that don’t actually exist. That God loves us. That there is an eternal life for those who are "Good". They are UNHAPPY, when they see cruelty, death, or hardship. Yet, any visit into any forest or game reserve or just a walk in your backyard, would show the extreme RUTHLESSNESS of NATURE.

When my one friend was alive, a university lecturer, he told me that many people are DELUSIONAL. I asked him to explain. He said that delusional people FLEE FROM REALITY. They cannot take REALITY mentally, so they fool themselves. And that is the nature of the way 99% of Whites think. We are behaving like children. We need to see the world for what it is, and do what is necessary for our species to live and to go on to being the incredible thing it is.

I often think to myself of all the people looking forward to living eternally in Christian Heaven. And I ask myself, aren’t many of these people TOTALLY SELFISH? They only think of their (promised), future life, while they would let everything here, which is real, go to hell?

Isn’t that a really stupid way to behave?

WE DID NOT CREATE THE EARTH. But the Earth is all we have. And if we do not think and live in accordance with the rules of the Earth and the Universe, then we are insane.

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