The way Alex Jones answers questions in court … is sooooo bad… He will be DESTROYED!

I am watching pieces of film footage of Jones in court. It is horrific how he deals with the opposing attorney. He is breaking every rule of courtroom procedure AND IT IS NOT HELPING HIM! He never gives a straight answer. So he’s destroying his own credibility. He turns everything into an argument. At the end of the day, there is a Judge and a Jury and his goal is to convince them. And he is sucking at it like crazy.

Even the most basic questions become a total nightmare for him.

This is NOT good for him, for his image, for his company … and most importantly in court.

I will be AMAZED if Alex Jones survives. He will be DESTROYED. DESTROYED for once and for all.

He’s not going to survive this.

I’m no fan of him. But man alive, he is going down in FLAMES.

Truly. This will DESTROY him. I will be amazed if he can survive this.

He’s also declared bankruptcy when he’s not bankrupt.

He’s in a desperate corner and I don’t see how he can survive any of this.

Alex Jones will be DESTROYED. And the Jews will be able to use him as an example of the lying White Right for ages.

It will hit the White Right big time.

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