THE WAR ON WHITES NEVER STOPS: S.Africa: Farm attack, attackers threaten to shoot baby, De Wildt – My Comments

[This stuff never stops. The war on Whites … NEVER STOPS! Jan]

A farm attack took place on 18 december 2020, at 22:00, in De Wildt, in the Vissershoek area in the Gauteng province of South Africa. This is the fourth attack in the area in the last five days. Two armed attackers overpowered a family and threatened to shoot their baby.

The attackers gained access to the home and held up the family at gunpoint demanding their TV, laptops and money whilst holding their baby hostage and threatening to shoot the infant.

They then fled the scene on foot. Fortunately no one was injured during the attack but the victims have been left seriously traumatised. The baby was not injured.

All role players responded but there were no arrests. There is no other information available at this stage.

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