The UNBELIEVABLE inefficiency of SAA – South African Airways


In 2 days time the moron Minister of Finance in South Africa will make a big announcement (like I care). Get a load of this. Somehow the Tax collector in South Africa has fallen short of collecting R40 billion. And he’ll have to explain this. (I’m happy they did not collect it – their dysfunctionality is always good for us – yet most whites still identify with this clown-like state that we live in as if it belongs to us!) No that’s not us. That’s a bunch of dysfunctional morons – idiots, liars and fools all of them.

Now here’s a laugh for you. SAA – South African Airways has been subsidized by the South African Govt for years. Yet, somehow it manages to go bankrupt! It used to be a first class airline in the days of white rule. Now when you’re dealing with these blacks and “educating” them, this can turn around and burn you badly. Armed with their “knowledge” and ability to reason they turn everything against you. They then speak like a Liberal “intellectual”. (I could argue that Liberal and Intellectual are oxymorons just as Jewish and Intellectual are as well). I watched in the corporate world how, when these blacks are “armed with knowledge” (and lots of Liberal free handouts and imbued with over-confidence) – how these blacks never see their own weaknesses or failures or they (most likely) just blatantly LIE about their failures! Then these over-confident losers go on to make “intelligent” statements which have zero value. So now the new minister of Finance tells us that SAA is “short of R10 billion in capitalisation”. Hahahaha. I wonder how the fool arrived at that. But you won’t hear them mention a word about their own massive inefficiencies, bad performance, and loser decisions! No! The “problem” is a “lack of capitalisation” despite years of freebies from Govt.

They don’t mention all the WHITES they fired and drove out of SAA over many years! I know whites who worked for SAA who were retrenched (fired) or driven out of their jobs.

When I chatted to 2 white investment analysts today they told me this: The the world average for airline efficiency is to have 30 staff per aircraft. (i.e. mechanics, admin, pilots, airhostesses, etc). Well, SAA has an average of 350 staff per aircraft! Yes, you heard me right. In other words, SAA probably has more staff per aircraft than passengers!!! Hahahaha. That’s typical. In the bank I saw the non-whites get rid of one white person and replace that white person with 10 or more blacks. My one Afrikaans friend, Melissa, was replaced by up to 20 blacks! This is also why we whites must have more faith in ourselves and stop thinking we’re the losers. The IT Dept I was in, was run very efficiently by about 13 whites at one time. Later when the non-whites took over, the same IT Dept needed well over 100 staff and the numbers just kept climbing! There comes a point in their inefficiency where all that’s holding them up are all the Liberal freebies. If we just left these non-whites alone their entire structures would collapse under their own weight.

Here is an article by the idiot Minister of Finance saying people must not “become hysterical” over the SAA bailout by Govt! Hillarious:

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