The Trump effect on Markets – Jewish Economics. What would Hitler have said?


Today I met with 2 white investment advisors. They told me that Trump has done great economically and that the US Stock market is going like a boeing. They said the markets had moved up over 17% this year because of Trump. But I wonder what Hitler would have said? I don’t think Hitler would have been impressed because he saw power in its full breadth whereas the Jewish dominated White English speaking world sees EVERYTHING as markets and companies only. I used to take this stuff seriously but I think Hitler was on to the real sources of power. The white race is a race of WORKERS and WARRIORS. On this basis we’ve built EVERYTHING. Markets, etc only come into being once whites have CREATED. We’re living and thinking too much in Jewish terms – thinking about Jewish economics which is filled with sleight of hand and the Jew slowly stealing everyone’s money using inflation and market movements. The white worker is always worse off.

One thought on “The Trump effect on Markets – Jewish Economics. What would Hitler have said?

  • 24th October 2017 at 2:29 am

    Jewish parasitism shows itself in the way they like to take over land, in particular, and collect rents. Probably this is in the Talmudic stuff. Of course, I’ve never seen an economics textbook mention anything like this. But it seems to show up when Americans say, we built this country. Jews in effect say oi vey, we supplied the money, so it’s ours. It’ll be a long time before Jews’ attitudes are written up. Note that the Fed was presumably their biggest grab so far.


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