The Trump effect on Markets – Jewish Economics. What would Hitler have said?


Today I met with 2 white investment advisors. They told me that Trump has done great economically and that the US Stock market is going like a boeing. They said the markets had moved up over 17% this year because of Trump. But I wonder what Hitler would have said? I don’t think Hitler would have been impressed because he saw power in its full breadth whereas the Jewish dominated White English speaking world sees EVERYTHING as markets and companies only. I used to take this stuff seriously but I think Hitler was on to the real sources of power. The white race is a race of WORKERS and WARRIORS. On this basis we’ve built EVERYTHING. Markets, etc only come into being once whites have CREATED. We’re living and thinking too much in Jewish terms – thinking about Jewish economics which is filled with sleight of hand and the Jew slowly stealing everyone’s money using inflation and market movements. The white worker is always worse off.

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