The Syrian War: Syrian Girl Exposes Media Lies About Syria Withdrawal

[Some interesting broadcasting. I don't listen to Liberals and Jews – pathalogical liars that they are, any more. Jan]

Two days ago, I posted up several articles covering how the criminal Jew spew media in the US is purposely lying about the present situation in Syria, where the Turkish forces are presently continuing their offensive against Kurdish positions in northeastern Syria, and the Kurds themselves are now scrambling to either try to make peace with the Damascus government or are trying to entice the US to “come back” into their controlled areas and help them resist this new invasion….

The facts are that the US Jew spew media are lying their asses off in their stupid and laughable efforts in trying to convince the American public that the US should “help” the Kurdish resistance…. The fact that they tried to use a video from an event in Kentucky from 3 years ago and pass it off as a recent video of the present battles between Kurdish and Turkish forces was absolutely the lowest of low and again shows everyone that they can never be trusted…..

But we are left with somehow trying to make sense of the present situation in Syria…. Many have been led to believe that the US actually did “withdraw” from northeastern Syria… If that was so, then who were the American forces that were somehow embedded with Kurdish forces that stopped a Syrian Arab Army convoy from moving into the key northern city of Manjib? This is only one example of the lies that are being told about Syria and the so called American “withdrawal”….

I have been looking for the real truths about exactly what is really happening in northeastern Syria….And the other day I came across a very important video that was just released by Maram Susli, who is an Australian/Syrian Youtube video producer who has made well over 100 videos over the last few years under the title of “Syrian Girl” or “Syrian Partisan Girl”….. Maram’s latest video in fact exposes a lot of the media lies about Syria and tells the real truths about the present situation in Syria…. In fact, I do want to present that video right here for my own readers to view for themselves….. I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Yes, Maram does cover a lot of the key issues concerning the real situation in Syria… And she like myself and others know that the Kurds are not so “innocent” as the Jew spew media is trying to lead people into believing..

The facts are that the Kurds have stupidly made deals with the “devil itself” aka the US and Israel… And that ‘deal’ was for the ultimate creation of an independent Kurdish nation that has NO rights at all to be carved out of northeastern Syria….

I do agree with Maram on the fact that the only way that this war in Syria will ever end is when the good guys, the Syrian government forces, fully liberate ALL of criminal US “terrorist” and Kurdish occupied regions of Syria….. Only then can Syria be made whole and rightfully returned to the Syrian people.

More to come



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