THE SWEET LIARS: Much of my Life I was fascinated by Spiritual and Psychic stuff – Now I just can’t stand it…

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[Women LOVE astrology and will swear by it. And good for them. But I just can't take these things seriously any more. Jan]

This is what I wrote to a supporter:
I took a quick look, but I’m a super skeptic about astrology and all kinds of psychic stuff.
I used to be into that stuff and in the end I regarded it as garbage.

These people who come across as so sweet are really just worthless liars and so many people listen to them.

Has this woman ever said anything that actually stood out and came true?
I can’t tell you how sick to death I am of predictions and spirituality and that stuff.
I used to be into that for much of my life. Now I can’t stand it.
I suppose I’m like an ex-smoker who now hates all smokers.


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