The real problem with Whites, ESPECIALLY in the USA & English part of the European Race


The real problem with white people is NOT that they are a bunch of intolerant bastards. Quite the opposite, the real error of whites, most especially in the USA is that they are far too tolerant, OVER TOLERANT IN FACT. The levels of tolerance that white Americans have allowed is so insane … it is beyond all madness. White Americans have allowed all kinds of garbage into the country, whom they then let them do whatever they want … especially those rat-like (((Liberals))). They allow them all sorts of freedoms and give in to their insane demands and requests.

By letting SCUM into your country, who are themselves NOT patriotic, and you leave them to commit crimes and to engage in all sorts of nonsense, you are setting the scene for the scum to get better at being scum. They learn to be better crooks and to play the system more and more.

When people look back on the USA 200 years from now, they will marvel at the sheer insanity of TOLERANCE that whites allowed that far exceeded any level of realism or sanity.

The English speaking side of our race is too weak, too trader-like and far too tolerant of garbage. They do this for MONEY. But it will create enormous problems.

Now the USA is polarizing and beginning to tear itself apart … because the scum was allowed to become a cancerous illness.

The real fault of white America is OVER TOLERANCE, and it is a worse problem than being intolerant. Over tolerance has allowed deadly (((things))) to breed uncontrollably in an otherwise lovely country.

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