The Pagan Whites were RIGHT: War is the Key: Trump: The Weakness of a Business/Political mind


Donald Trump had a big mouth in the beginning of his term and he spoke endlessly about business and his knowledge and that he knows how to strike deals. He even said things along the lines that: People would grow tired of winning so much … (something along those lines). But his presidency did not bear it out.

I have long had a theory that in this stupid system of "Democracy", that many of these civilians who are elected DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW GOVERNMENT ACTUALLY WORKS, ESPECIALLY THE MILITARY/INTELLIGENCE WORLD OF SECRECY.

I think that when many of these civilians finally get to become President, that at the start of their term, they get some shell shock. They discover that the Government is quite different to what they believed on the outside.

When they meet up with Military/Intelligence/Spies/Secrecy … and they find out what is really going on, much of which cannot be discussed in public, because it is classified, that they find themselves in a world they never expected to find.

The Military/Intelligence world is the WORLD OF REALITY. That world is more real than any world of business.

Hitler himself had admiration for warriors and contempt for business leaders. He did not think much of business leaders in general – and I mean everyone – not just Jews. He knew the value of warriors and soldiers.

When I look at the mindset of these "BIG BILLIONAIRES" these BIG GENIUSES … of the world of business and finance, and I compare it to the work of scientists, engineers, intelligence agencies, and the military in general, I also don’t think that they hold a candle to the military people.

Our race always firmly understood the need to defend yourself.

And in the times of the Pagans, we were a very militarised race. We knew we had to FIGHT for all that belonged to us. And the Roman Empire did this on the grandest scale we ever had in Europe.

But the Aryans were intense fighters too as were many others of our race.

We were ruled by KINGS and WARRIORS. We did not muck around. We also were not cry babies.

When I compare that to these billionaires I am unimpressed.

Here in Johannesburg, I worked in a totally corporate world for over 30 years. I worked in the biggest companies where money flowed like a river. I saw Whites and non-Whites at work.

I must tell you, I think Hitler is dead on the money. I found in the corporate and business world, that the value system of a businessman is NOT the same as that of a PATRIOT or someone who cares for his nation. It is a very alien way of thinking. And it is not healthy either.

I do not find that it comes naturally either to myself or to most Whites.

Trump and Ross Perot, both of whom tried to become Presidents, are proof that even silly democratic politics, as pathetic as it is, is still a lot more RUTHLESS than business can be.

And war and matters of state ARE EVEN MORE RUTHLESS.

We, as a race, need to return to our old ways of thinking. These methods are correct. They work.

You need to think like a determined cunning warrior. We need to think like a Team that sticks together, like an ARMY fighting for its existence.

All this other stuff is junk.

Trump shows you clearly that even he is a baby in the ruthless world of power.

And nowhere is the art of POWER so well developed as in the world of the Military/Intelligence people. That is the highest form of real power. This is the ultimate form of power.


It’s time we abandoned this childish nonsense and returned to the world of REALITY where our ancient ancestors ROCKED!!!

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