The ONLY Wonky Science book I would urge people to read: Dr Tom Van Flandern’s work

In a comment to a reader, regarding the time when I was wonky, and actually secretly driven by Buddhism (but I never told people about it). I dumped that and prophecy after 911. After the year 2000, my believe in all the spiritualism and prophecy died.

But there was one scientist, two in fact, whom I still have regard for and would quote. And at the top of the list is this guy: Dr Tom Van Flandern, ex US Navy Astronomer.

Here’s what I wrote to someone else:

This is complex and I have an idea where you are going. I detest Einstein the Jew. He stole the work of others. He could not even make his won equations work for years. He really benefited from the Germans and Europeans around him. I do have many questions about the universe. The only "wonky" book I still strongly advise is called: Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets by Dr Tom Van Flandern. I actually knew him. Of all the wonky writings I read in my life, this is the only one I would advocate or quote. Van Flandern was an astronomer. In that book he touches on things like The Speed of Gravity. Van Flandern gives proofs that light is not the fastest thing in the universe and that the speed of gravity is 10,000x or more FASTER than light. He touches on hectic stuff. This is the only man, whose writings I would ever quote and advise. He was not a nut. That book of his contains the future of astronomy. Its a brilliant book.

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