THE NEW 911: BOOKS WILL BE WRITTEN FOR YEARS ON THIS: The Incredible, rigged, twisted US Presidential election of 2020 …


I am still astounded at the depth of the election rigging. This must have included MOST of America’s WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) elite. It must have included the super rich. I say this, because I think DIRECT CONTROL, of voting systems and all sorts of levels are involved in this. This cannot be done except by people well entrenched in every part of American society.

I see Trump is fighting back, and he fired Espberger.

I see Trump is raising tens of millions for lawsuits.

We’re watching yet another incredible, massive (((Liberal))) plan going down, and I think you’ll find that not only have we had the incredibly bizarre, year and weirdness of COVID, but now we have this thing, a totally stolen election … stolen BY PEOPLE WITH POWER! What do you do when the rich, the super-rich, the elite, the mass media and big business all decide to work together against one white man?

Well, they control and influence society AND THEY WIN!

But the truth is on Trump’s side, and it will come out with time that he was deposed illegally.

I think many many books will yet be written in the years to come about these strange, quiet, days and weeks that we are living through.

This is yet another (((Liberal))) event, that will show White Americans that they are PHYSICALLY LOSING CONTROL OF THEIR NATION.

To me its insane, watching America experiencing very AFRICAN-LIKE moments! Never in my lifetime did I think that I’d be seeing something like this in the USA.

This is like a Coup D’etat in Africa!

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