The NASTY lesson ALL White Americans (especially WHITE MALES) will have to learn …


I have to repeat the following. Look around you at Jews, BLM, communists, etc. And a special note for the WHITE MALES is that our women are turning on us, the children are being turned on us, everyone in the system who is a Third Worlder or "Minority" or some other worthless label … EVERYONE IS TURNING ON THE WHITE MALE. White women are under attack, yes, but the white male gets the worst of the attacks and the Jews have turned even white women against white men.

Here is the lesson: Until such a time that the white male LEARNS TO FIGHT BACK, he will find he is just beaten up and attacked more and more. IT WILL NEVER STOP.

The more you RETREAT, the more you run away, the more you cower in a dark corner, the more you engage in WHITE FLIGHT … you will see they just keep on coming at you.

This will continue until whites, especially the males, begin to stand their ground and fight back.

The moment you do, you will find your assailant fleeing away screeching: racist, victim-hood, etc, etc. You’ll be called a racist, a NAZI, etc, etc. While they, the shitbags, who were causing the shit, now cry about their victimhood.

UNFORTUNATELY this is the way life works, and YOU CANNOT AVOID THIS.


RETREAT IS NOT THE ANSWER. The more you apologise, the more you retreat, the more you say you’re sorry, the more you will be BEAT UP ON!

But the day you turn around and BURN THEM … and HURT THEM … then you’ll finally get RESPECT.

You will ONLY be respected WHEN YOU ARE A LION, and when you bite a chunk out of your enemies. They will then call you cruel and evil, BUT THEY WILL RESPECT YOU and they will FEAR YOU. And then they will shut their dirty mouths.

THIS IS UNAVOIDABLE. Our ancestors knew this. We’ve lived by this. This is the ONLY way that things work. There is no other way.

YOU MUST CHOOSE: Either You are a cowering victim or you are a lion. Make your choice.

There are no other alternatives. Liberalism is for girls, its for people who can’t handle reality. In the real world, EITHER YOU DOMINATE OR SOMEONE DOMINATES YOU. THERE IS NO PLACE INBETWEEN.

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