[One of my readers made this comment. I am convinced this happened with the Jew Lord Janner in the UK as well as the Jewish paedophile and billionaire and scumbag … Epstein. Jan]

Favorite JEWISH trick, die on paper, retire in Israel.

The interesting thing about Jeffery Epstein’s death on paper and retirement to Israel is that it was accomplished with the full permission of the Trump government. Maxwell is just a convenient JEWSMEDIA soap opera for the Gentile readers.

Uncle, who works for the state of Pennsylvania for over thirty years, told me that not one single Jew actually died in the Pittsburgh Synagogue attack. Not one body ever was examined by the Coroners office for they were all whisk away to a Jewish Funeral Service right from the Synagogue. Eleven who allegedly died probably immigrated to Israel with large insurance policy payouts. Empty coffins in graves just like Sandy Hook. He has, to date, never had the opportunity to talk to any law enforcement official who actually responded to the event ?

He thinks the entire event was staged. When the film industry does shoots in the city they have their own vehicle fleets which include police vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, automobiles of all kinds.

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