The Late Great Canadian Doug Christie – All his presentations are here…

A good Canadian supporter kindly sent me a link to this youtube channel where you can find all of Doug Christie’s presentations.

NB: Because Youtube is run by a Jewish hag I urge folks to download copies of these videos. You never know when the MOFOs will delete the channel and the videos.

I make a point, constantly, of downloading good stuff I come across. Do it for EVERYTHING: Videos, books, photos and images, audios, PDFs. Save everything. I have found, over the years, even before this massive spate of banning in recent years that ALL THINGS DISAPPEAR off the internet. Do not assume that websites and material will be around indefinitely. From my AfricanCrisis days I can tell you that vast amounts of material that used to exist is GONE. GONE. I can see it when I study my older databases.

So SAVE SAVE SAVE because Jewish and Liberal shitbags will delete everything of value. They are scum and garbage.

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