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[A major revelation from the Hal Turner Show. I Hal referred to Biden as America's 1st illegitimate President. This is NOT TRUE. Obama was the first illegitimate President. Obama is NOT AMERICAN BORN. This is a fact. Therefore Obama is the first illegitimate and illegal US President, and Biden is the second. As for this Black Cop who shot her … why? Was he just trigger happy? Our people are being killed at every twist and turn. This is the nightmare of Jewish control of the Western world. Jan]

On May 7, The Hal Turner Radio Show placed a street map from Google as the banner headline on the site with a cryptic statement "Story Coming Soon." It did NOT, however, publish the story at that time. The reason: accusing someone of Murder is still a very big deal. Now, however, the story is out . . .

On January 6, 2021, American citizens protested at the U.S. Capital over the fraudulent and brazenly stolen November 3, 2020 presidential election. On that day, both houses of Congress were jointly assembled to consider the Electoral Votes from the election, and those houses rubber-stamped the fraudulent election, thereby giving the United States its first ILLEGITIMATE President, Joseph (Sniff) Biden and ILLEGITIMATE Vice President, Kamala "Heels-up" Harris.

The two earned those nicknames from their behavior, with Biden being well known for sniffing the bodies of woman and children in a pedo-like manner, and Harris having allegedly slept her way to jobs on her way up the political ladder.

When it became clear that Congress was going to ignore the rampant election fraud, Americans stormed into their U.S. Capital building, sending the elitist cowards of the political class, scurrying into their offices to barricade the doors! Here, look at them hiding like the sissy-Marys they are:

Incidentally, in many cases shown on video, those usually-locked doors to the US Capital, were opened by US Capital Police Officers from the inside who then waved-in protesters.

and Here, Police Officer themselves REMOVED BARRICADES to let protesters in:

Everyday average Americans penetrated the building all the way into the House and Senate Chambers, and even into the office of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Here they are in Pelosi’s office:

But one protester didn’t make it too far: Ashley Babbit. She was shot dead at point blank range inside the US Capital, by a male, black, who was later said to be a US Capital Police Officer.

Babbit was not armed. She was not violent. But she was shot dead at point blank range. Here is the video showing the moment she is shot dead:

The Officer who perpetrated that shooting was, stunningly, protected by the government. He was not criminally prosecuted like Officer Derrick Chauvin in Minneapolis over the death of drug-addict George Floyd. In fact, authorities would not even reveal his name.

For weeks, folks all over the nation searched to identify the shooter. Then photos from video coverage of that day’s events were isolated and the search narrowed.

Here, we see US Capital plain clothed officers, with guns drawn, on the floor of the US House of Representatives:

Here, we see a still image from the video above, of the police officer who fired and killed Ashley Babbit:

The French Cuffs on the sleeves of the shirt under the suit, and the bracelet on the wrist, make it easier to identify the shooter:

The message from those two situations – George Floyd and Ashley Babbit – is clear: If you’re a WHITE police officer who allegedly kills a criminal Black, you get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and thrown in prison for twenty two years (Derrick Chauvin), but if you’re a BLACK police officer who outright murders an unarmed White woman, your identity gets protected and you are not prosecuted.

The Hal Turner Radio Show was able to penetrate the US Capital Police efforts to conceal the name of the shooter and, on May 7, we ran the Google Map image shown above which reveals the home address above, but nothing more.

It was a sort of "heads-up" to authorities in Washington, DC that their secret wasn’t secret anymore. They knew whose home that was.

Despite this, authorities in Washington, DC continued to stubbornly refuse to name this officer or prosecute him.

OK, folks, you had your chance.

The Police Officer who shot and killed unarmed Ashley Babbit, in cold blood, was United States Capital Police Lt. Michael Leroy Byrd.

This is now being reported by The Gateway Pundit (HERE) and was also hinted-at on FOX News Channel’s "Tucker Carlson" as shown in the video below:

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