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[Even though this article does not say Jews are doing this, it is in fact Jews who are softening and feminising the Western world's society, and this speeds up our downfall. Western society was originally male dominated and through the vast majority of our history it was totally male dominated, especially in the more warrior like societies we had before Christianity. And even under Christianity it was still mostly male dominated. It is only in the past century that its really become effeminite and confused. In the 1920s they already began raising up the white female and also confusing her and taking her away from the family. Jan]

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Feminising society: The cost

(1) Psychological damage to boys. Boys learn from an early age that maleness is a pathology requiring remedial action. Boys’ natural competitive instincts get ruthlessly suppressed, they’re forced to play cooperative games that they hate. Should they rebel they will probably get arrested and drugged into quiescence. As the Roman writer Juvenal observed ‘drive nature out with a pitchfork and it returns with ever greater force’. Suppressed natural instincts will find an outlet one way or the other, and unfortunately in all kinds of unpredictable and unpleasant forms.

(2) Traditional family undermined: The evidence is all before us, the traditional family model – the mainstay of our civilisation – comes apart at the seams. The feminised society has swung the marriage partnership so much against men (via skewed welfare inducements and biased courts) that a recent Pew Research study in the USA found the level of men intending to marry at its lowest level since records began. And why should they marry? The deck is stacked against them. Add in the bogus theory that women can juggle career and family without familial consequences and we see the result: The proliferation of stressed out single mothers whose children are dumped into the care of strangers for most of their formative years.

(3) Productivity impaired: Replacing White males in the workplace with women, blacks and other assorted minorities – shoehorned into their positions purely on the basis of their minority status – undermines efficiency, quality and productivity, ultimately resulting in a lower standard of living generally. The pathologising of maleness has also stunted men’s natural competitiveness and drive, the qualities that built whole civilisations. As for the health & safety racket, an exemplar par excellence of workplace feminisation…..don’t get me started. Other than to say that you won’t find a more worthless collection of parasites this side of the HR department.

(4) Immigration: It’s been said that men invade, women invite and the truth of this aphorism can be seen in a picture of any "Immigrants Welcome" reception committee. But it goes deeper. The feminisation of society dissipates in-group cohesion which, when allied to the overall feminist-driven emasculation of the White male, prostrates our societies before the swaggering black and Muslim armies now swarming all over our precious White lands

(5) Personal accountability: What’s that, you might ask. Because nobody’s responsible or accountable for anything any more. Every fucking thing is a ‘human right’, free this, free that. We even have the right not to be offended. A brutal murderer is excused because of a ‘difficult childhood’ and if you trip over your feet while drunk you can bank on financial compensation in settlement. The corrosive impact on broader society is severe.

Dysgenics: All of the previous characteristics combine to ensure that those least fit to procreate end up doing most of the procreating. If you’re a stupid worthless lazy parasite the system works to ensure that the more you spawn the more you get courtesy of the productive class. Said class, having to pay for their houses, children’s education, medical expenses etc. are driven to have small families in whom they invest heavily. Society thus becomes progressively more degraded, debased and impoverished, with a rapidly growing orc population facing off against their ever diminishing eloi prey.

A serious indictment I’m sure you’ll agree. and there’s little to offset it on the other side of the ledger. The growing absence of masculine virtues will rot the people’s vigour and relentlessly undermine social cohesion. And this is surely the plan, to socially engineer the White male out of existence. Or at least to the point where they become, as per Bertrand Russel’s warning, incapable of rebellion. "Gradually the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organised insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton."

Will White men fight back? Actually, will White women fight back? Because ultimately they’re going to be the biggest losers. And increasing numbers of them are realising this. Many more suspect intuitively that the go grrrrlll dream they were sold might be turning into a nightmare.

In any event I believe we’re close to the tipping point.

Source: https://irishsavant.blogspot.com/2016/05/feminising-society-te-cost.html

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