The Jewish destruction of USA, UK & European Industry through China – My Comments


[Occidental Dissent has this short article. I just want to make an important point here. 

Jews are pretty good at getting whites to put a rope around themselves and hang themselves. Whites are amazingly willing to believe Jewish sophistry at its finest. 
For those who don't know what sophistry means: It is an argument that appears to be logical but is not logical. 
You will find Jews busy with sophistry every day of your life. And the Jewish attitude is probably, that if you are stupid enough to believe him, then you deserve the consequences coming your way. 
This video about a Jewish attorney telling white Americans how to bypass the law so as to NOT GET A QUALIFIED AMERICAN WORKER … is some simply Jewish mind-games at work:
The Jew even remarks … “this may seem strange…” You're damned right its strange you crook. 
It seems to me that whites in the West are not taking enough notice of how Jews got the rich, to invest huge sums of money into communist Russia in the 1920s thereby preparing the way for Russia to have huge factories which later turned out weapons for use against Germany. 
I've said before that the Jews must surely have been doing such a thing on an even grander scale with China. 
NOTE: China = Communist China. Why doesn't anyone mention the COMMUNIST part of China? In effect, the entire Western world has moved its industries to the next Jewish communist super-power!! Is that insane or what? And the West has been happy to do this! Is that crazy or what?
As for the communist Bill Clinton – its nice for me to now know what this hideous man did. I hated him intensely when he became president. I knew he was a communist then, and there you can see how these scum work for the Jews and harm the West. His wife Hillary is also a communist. These people are scum. 
In my chat to two investment analysts yesterday the topic of China came up a lot and I listened with fascination. I was told a lot. What I will say, is that in one thing, Trump is doing great – the trade war with China. That is excellent. And the impact on China is HUGE. SINK THE BLOODY COUNTRY. China is a communist state, an enemy of the West and we whites in Africa fought it when it trained and armed blacks in southern Africa. 
Whites had better get serious about protecting their nations because the Jew is busy disemboweling them daily. Jan]

Here’s the Occidental Dissent article:-

The West embraced neoliberalism in response to the crisis of the 1970s.

East Asia embraced the German Historical School of Economics.

After the Cold War, the West attempted to integrate China into the liberal world order by bringing it into the WTO and establishing Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with China. See decades of trade deficits.

The result of this was the deindustrialization of Middle America and the emergence of China as a rival superpower.

In hindsight, this was all a huge mistake, but it worked in theory.

Mainstream conservatism is now in deep doodoo.

National Affairs:

“In October 10, 2000, President Bill Clinton signed into law “permanent normal trade relations,” or PNTR, with the People’s Republic of China. The move paved the way for China’s entry into the World Trade Organization one year later. We’ve been living with the consequences of that fateful decision ever since.

PNTR has been implicated in some of the most significant and distressing trends of American life in this century: millions of well-paying manufacturing jobs lost; declining family formation and rising deaths of despair; soaring real-estate prices and medieval levels of urban inequality; increased political polarization and populist movements, left and right; and faltering faith in the power of liberal democracy to respond to these and related challenges. To pin all this on a single trade agreement would be a step too far, of course. And yet the imprint of what’s come to be known as the “China shock” can be seen on all these trends, either through its first-order effects, or its reverberations through the body politic.

At the time, though, to oppose PNTR was to make company with the anti-globalization left. It was an unserious position for unserious people, the kind who read Noam Chomsky by night and opined about “neoliberalism” by day. In contrast, serious people understood that free trade with China would be a boon for American consumers, put pressure on the Chinese Communist Party to democratize, and forestall any future conflict with the rising military power. Congress ultimately supported PNTR by a wide margin, bolstered by a record-breaking advertising blitz from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the support of more than three-fourths of Republican lawmakers. …”

It is shocking to read about this lack of faith in neoliberalism in Yuval Levin’s National Affairs at the American Enterprise Institute.

Normally, we see this kind of rhetoric about a philosophical commitment to historicism and the German Historical School of Economics on the more fringe far right blogs like Occidental Dissent.


One thought on “The Jewish destruction of USA, UK & European Industry through China – My Comments

  • 22nd September 2019 at 2:37 am

    Same here in Germany.
    That Bolshewyk Scum of Merkel- till to today, contributes “economic help” to China, resulting in hundreds of Millions in Euro to China!
    Meanwhile German economy is lately on crutches, still China receives “economic” help- which is completely insane, looking at the Fully blown up Chinese economy and Trillions of Euros in their accounts!


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