The Jew Weizmann’s letter to Churchill: We will get America into WW2 like we did in WW1 – My Analysis

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[Alex Linder published this recently. I think I've come across this before, but never had the text like here. I think David Irving might have mentioned this. The former Jew Freedman, spoke in detail in the 1960s about the role of the Jews in betraying Germany during WW1 in order to get Israel. Freedman himself was involved in the negotiations at the end of WW1. What Alex published here adds to what I had thought a lot after having studied other aspects of WW2. It was clear to me that Churchill was looking for any method by which the USA could be dragged into the War. Churchill, in his own writings said that he was hanging on there, in the fight against Germany, knowing that with time, things would work out. I'm paraphrasing and writing from memory. But that is the gist of it. I did a whole video about how Churchill propagandised the Americans by way of the Rockerfeller center in New York. In fact, when I was in the USA, for The Fash Bash in 2019, Jovi and I went to the Rockerfeller Center one evening and he even videod me saying exactly this with the Rockerfeller Center in the background. The British engaged in a mass lying campaign in the USA to turn the American people against Germany, and they succeeded. The Jews were no doubt at the heart of all this, as can be seen by what Alex published below. I suspect this might be from Irving. I'm not certain. In WW1, the Jews got the Balfour declaration out of the British. But here is the WW2 angle story. The British, in my view, unquestionably, from the beginning under Churchill, had only one goal and that was to drag the US into yet another European war. Britain is a serious security danger to Europe I tell you, even now. I am honest when I say, Europe should conquer Britain and ensure that the British Isles are 100% a part of Europe. If this is not done, then Europeans will have similar problems in the future. It is in the interests of Europe that Britain should be EUROPEAN and WHITE and LOYAL TO EUROPE instead of half Jewish. Jan]

This was Alex’s post:

The Weizmann archives, foolishly or wisely, gave me complete access to all the Weizmann correspondence with Churchill. And in the Weizmann archives, all Churchill’s correspondence with Weizmann, throughout the war years and before the war, and all his notes from meetings with Churchill. And I’m only going to mention one of those letters, here. It’s a letter written by Chaim Weizmann, the leader of the Zionist movement, at that time living in the United States, to Winston Churchill in September 1941, three months before Pearl Harbor, when Churchill is frantically trying to claw the United States into his war… because that’s his only salvation. And Weizmann writes to Churchill a letter in which he says:

“Mr. Prime Minister, unless you grant us what we want, which is the creation of a Jewish army in the Middle East – with our own arsenal, and our own weapons, and our own uniform, and our own flag – unless you grant us what we want, then you are not going to win us over. And, let me tell you what we will do if you do grant us what we want. If you grant us our wishes, then we will act on your behalf in the United States. And, remember, Mr. Churchill,” he writes in his letter, “remember we are the only powerful unified block in the United States, which solidly backs the British cause in this war… September 1941. Everybody else is basically isolationist. We are the only ethnic unified group, which solidly backs the British cause. We are the only people who are in a position to bring the United States into this war. We did it in the last war… and we can do it, again.”


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