The Jew(?) or Shabos Goy Jordan Peterson in Canada


[One of my supporters in Canada sent me these comments the other day when I was busy telling people that it is my view and that of my Boer NAZI pal that Jordan Peterson is a Jew. It seems some Canadians have not realised this. Either he is outrightly Jewish or he is a Jew shill. Either he is a Jew or he is working for Jews. Jan]

My Canadian supporter made these remarks:-

Hey, Jan

If he’s not actually a jew himself, his wife is and so is his daughter. He also hangs around with a lot of jews and he’s into black magic as well. At the very least, he’s a shabbos goy. I called him out on his bullshit very early in his famedom and now just call him Juden Peterstein. He’s a pied piper for beta males to latch onto. His job is to arrest right-wing development and keep it from boiling over. His concern is, they are trying to boil the frogs too quickly and he’s worried they will jump out of the pot and attack his chosenites.

Jews are matriarchal, if the mother is jewish but the father not, the kids are automatically in the tribe. I haven’t really paid much attention to Peterstein lately. They had some good threads on 8chan /pol/ about him before 8chan got kicked off the interwebs. Initially I thought he was just some professor who had had enough of this invented words game but I started to notice a huge blind spot right away. I confronted him about it on one of his videos in the comment section and used very neutral language. He came back at me, assblasted like, some 14 year-old girl and laid out the “anti-semitism” nonsense. I knew right away and I kicked him in the teeth with a couple of choice comments and then never bothered with him again. There are a lot of really weird pictures of him floating round the web, dressed up as a warlock, pictures of communist murals in his living room, pictures of him socialising with neanderthals, etc.


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